Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gender Equality!

I was watching State of the Union last Sunday and Candy Crowley (host) had an all-female panel.  (Note: I don't normally watch the Sunday political shows.  They usually have someone on I can't stomach and I hate spending the morning yelling at the tube.)

Candy was wearing what appeared to be an oversize black jacket over a red dress, with black tights.

One guest had on a red cap sleeve top.  It had large (1/4"?) black dots that appeared to be raised ~ maybe embroidery.  She also wore a red skirt, nude hose, platform pumps.

The guest next to her wore a long-sleeve black jacket.  It had small white polka-dots and she had a red pullover under the jacket.

She was next to a guest in a 3/4-sleeve purple button-down shirt.

The final guest had on a red something over a purple shirt.

I could not see the rest of the outfits on the final three guests.  Each had different neckwear, from none to pendants on string, to large pearls.

Then I flipped to Fox News Sunday, simply because it was on at the same time.  There were several male guests wearing white or light blue shirts, patterned ties, dark suits.

I've noticed this phenomenon before.  A common place is at religious services: men dress up in a uniform.  Women dress in anything but.  You can have four women on the dais and see four different tops and bottoms, suits and dresses and skirts and pants.  Four different sleeve lengths, four different shoe styles, four different leg coverings.

I consider the variety permitted a blessing and a curse.  I'd love to have choices like that, but I'm afraid I'd stand in front of the closet for hours, trying to decide what to wear, every day.

But it would be so nice to have that choice!


  1. Meg -

    That choice is the reason why women say - "I have nothing to wear." In male mode, I'm grateful to be very limited in choice - we can be boring, but perfect in our presentation. But I prefer having those choices of female mode - it is much more fun to accessorise, to play with colors, to play with textures, etc....


  2. It is nice to have so many choices in attire. When I dress as a guy I can select my outfit in about 2 seconds...3 seconds if I need to coordinate a tie to a suit and shirt.

    Even if I am simply dressing to hang out around the house it often poses a brain burning problem in deciding what to wear. If I am cooking something I may actually stand in the closet trying to decide what outfit may go best with what I plan to cook and eat. On occasions when I go out I can be trying on stuff for a while before getting the right feel.

    You should spend a bit more time watching Fox News. It seems that most of the Fox women favor sleeveless dresses year round. My wife says that it makes her feel chilly watching Megyn Kelly or several of the other women in sleeveless dresses with a chilly NY City scene behind them cover a story about the current polar vortex cold wave. I can handle the cold better than she can and I wear tights rather than regular pantyhose when the weather is this cold. Last night had me in a heavy mid-calf skirt with a turtle neck sweater.


  3. Woman may always be more expressive than men, but it seems likely that styles will change and men will take the risk of being noticed. All of that will likely happen just in time for us to watch it all at the nursing home, eh Meg? :D

  4. It would present a problem having to decide what to wear everyday, or indeed on occasions. As a bloke the choices are simple, what tie and which ever suit happens to be clean and the right weight. But wouldn't we all trade that simplicity for the problem of choosing skirt & top or dress?


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