Monday, January 27, 2014

Over Two Months

Meg last went out in late November, to the Transgender Day of Remembrance event.  Saturday night,
I attended another of Christine's wonderful soirees.

Sunday, my friend Star had another game afternoon, but I had obligations that would cut short my gaming time as it was.  Dressing would mean I'd have to leave at least another 30 to 45 minutes earlier.  Since these gamers know both my drab and drag self, I went in drab.

More on the soiree coming up.  The picture is pre-soiree Meg.  It's hard to tell, but my shoes are mid-heel Mary Janes.  They have the widest possible box so my broken toe wouldn't complain (hopefully).  I also wore my (girl) sneakers to/from the soiree, recognising the abundance of ice and snow still in the area.

You do need to enlarge the picture to see the colours in the dress.  It's quite cute.


  1. Yes, it is cute!

    Since the gamers know both sides of you, maybe rather than going in drab, you could have gone part way. For me, I know that the part that takes the most time is doing my makeup. So not doing all the extra "work" but still wearing a cute dress might be an option, depending on some of those gamers.




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