Friday, January 10, 2014

Cover Those Legs

It's tights weather!

For all you just thinking about it, don't do the socks-over-hose route.  Wear tights.  Opaque tights will pass for socks, and imagine if your cuff rides up and people see above the top of your sock to your hose.  That won't be easy to explain.  If you need a story "my SO said they'd be warmer so I agreed to try.  Is it a big deal?"

A friend mentioned that, when she lived in Russia, men wore silk stockings.  They're thin and really warm.  Wool tights are an inexpensive second.


  1. I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt and have bare feet. :-)

  2. My basic M.O. is that when it is cold enough for me to wear tights or opaques under my slacks I will not cover them with socks.

    Most days, however, I wear regular pantyhose and if I am at work I will wear socks over my hose. If I am in a casual setting such as shopping or going to dinner or a movie with my wife I will go without socks.


  3. I remember an old episode of "Yes Prime Minister" where the Policeman guarding No. 10 tells the P.M. he wears tights to stay warm.

  4. Charity hasn't seen Yes Minister or Yes Prime Minister. I'm an Anglophile and politics junkie so I loved that show. We're re-watching now.


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