Tuesday, January 21, 2014


My friend Sharon sent me a note about her hair removal experiences:

I have been getting laser hair removal treatments at a local spa.  I found one with reasonable prices and evening hours.

Many laser providers have deals on Groupon, Living Social, and Amazon Local.

My provider has a detailed questionnaire which they use to determine your hair and skin type, and they explained the procedure and risks in detail before i started the treatments.

So far i have had 6 treatments of my upper chest, and one for my face.  They use the GentleMax laser by Candela, which combines an alexandrite laser for lighter skin with a YAG laser for darker skin tones.  The laser emits a puff of cool air mist to protect your skin.

So far I have had significant reduction of my dark hair in the treated areas.  My skin is usually red for a day or two after each treatment, but hydro-cortisone cream and aloe help reduce the swelling.

The treatments are painful, but they work.  I had 12 treatments on my face in 2007-08 using an older laser at another facility, and some of the hair grew back.  This newer laser yields greater result in fewer sessions.

I still have a few gray hairs in the treated areas, but i am happy with my results.  i may need maintenance treatments every few years to keep the dark hair from growing back.  Or not.  My biggest concern is that the hair will turn gray and then come back, and
I won't be able to remove it with the laser.

Based on my personal experience, some of the dark hair will be gone for good, but not all.

Dr. Oz reviewed the Gentlemax laser on his show in 2011, along with the Tria laser which is a DIY product for in-home.  The Tria cannot be used on the face.


  1. How many treatments will you need for the upper chest? I might consider it one day. I'm more concerned about back hair - where I can't shave it.... If I had the time and money, I'd zap away all the hair below my neck, save for the bikini zone.

  2. Marian, just 6 treatments for the upper chest. I have a few stray dark hairs left, plus those that had already turned gray. The area is mosty smooth now.


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