Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Simple Pleasure I'll Never Have

I'm Jealous.

My friend Andrea went to a hair stylist last weekend.  As Andrea, not as her male self.

She's part-time and she works in male mode.  She has long wavy hair, similar to what I had long ago.  Hers is much longer, but we were similar in wave.

I'd love to get my hair styled in a feminine or "either way" cut.  The closest I ever came was almost thirty years ago when my hair was brown, as well as long and wavy.  I went to the same stylist to get my haircut.  For a few appointments, she said I should get a permanent "because it's easier."  A few appointments back then was a long time span.  I regularly got my hair cut twice a year.

I got my hair permed.  Rollers, smelly stuff, long periods of waiting while it set or burned in or whatever.  Arguments over the true meaning of "permanent."  I wanted to bring in my camera to get a picture of my with the rollers (curlers?) but never did.  My camera was my prized possession and I didn't trust it to be out of my grasp.

After she was done, I said "what did you mean this is 'easier?'"  She said "easier for me."

Funny story: I got my first perm on a Friday night.  I was promised if I didn't like it I could wash it out within a day or so.
I wasn't sure if I liked it.  Around midnight I was going to go to bed when the phone rang.  It was Larry, who I worked with at the time.  He was stuck on a software problem and needed to finish and deliver this Monday.  He needed me to come in.  I told him "I'll be there in twenty minutes but if you say one word, I'm leaving."  He said "one word about what?"  I said "you'll know" and hung up.

I walked into the empty (except for Larry) building and he stared at me and said... nothing.  We worked on the problem for a bit, I found the bug, we were doing some testing when our manager (Ed) walked in.  Larry had called him in as backup.  Ed wasn't a software guy, but he was responsible for the project going out on time so he wanted to check progress.

Ed looked at me and said "what the hell happened to you?  Did you stick your finger in a light socket?  You look like Chico Marx."  Larry said "Thank you!  I wanted to say something since he came in and was told not to."

I kept the permanent for a couple of years.

Alas, I wasn't yet dressing in the mid-80s.


  1. Meg -

    I wish I could have that pleasure. Alas, without my wig, I have no hair.


  2. When my hair turned gray/white it actually got less curly. Back in the day when it was brown/black it was very curly. Once or twice my wife gave me a home perm. I liked the procedure of sitting under the cape with curlers but we did not see that much of a difference in how my hair turned out. It was curly enough without the perm.
    Last week I had to take my wife to her beauty parlor since she is still not driving after eye surgery. I was in need of a haircut. As she had her hair done I sat in the chair across from her and had my cut as well. When we left she quipped that we should both go back there and get a pedicure.


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