Friday, January 31, 2014

(Mostly) Soiree Pictures

It's nice to know the "four or five guys" are not forgotten.  Several people got the "shoes for industry" reference and responded with reams of (mostly) Nick Danger.

Has anyone seen Americathon?  Proctor & Bergman wrote it, and there's a little crossdress bit in there in the "Both Father and Mother" segment.  By the way, the YouTube description is hilarious. Quickie poll on the right.

So, the other day I said it was a Good Thing that we carpooled.  Here's the 'why:'

Andrea does not like to drive.  I can understand.  Washington area traffic and streets are enough to turn anyone off driving.  And Star determined the wine Christine and Pamela had was really good.  So she took advantage of her passenger status and was in no condition to drive when we left. 

Before leaving, I told our hostess, Christine, "if you're looking for your wine, it's in Star."

If Andrea and Star had come in their own car, Star could not avail herself of the available beverages.  Or we could have planned to split up so one of our pool would drive Star and Andrea home, and the other would follow.  It's good to have a good time, and it's better to have a contingency plan.

I think everyone had a good time.  All forty-plus of us.  Pictures follow.  Click to enlarge.

LOVE that hose!

Katrina and her partner, Danielle

Sharon, Sarah, Meg

JoAnn, Diane, Meg ~ Talkin' Flying Pretty

Christine, Diane, Meg


  1. The Soiree is always fun ! Love the photos, but I still need to work on my posture and smile more. - Julie

  2. Loved your Firesign Theater reference, just got distracted and didn't get around to commenting on it. Keep up the good work. :)




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