Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hair Ye!

This is a follow-up from my hair post from last month.

Pat wrote: I am intrigued by the constant ads for the "No-No" device. How does that stop hair growth. Do you know if it actually works or is just a heavy duty promotional campaign.

and Alice, who wrote a great description of hair growth, followed up with: I just noticed Pat's question. I don't know the nono device specifically, but there a number of DIY laser, IPL and RF (radio wave) devices out there, and I don't think that any of them have the same power level as a comparable commercial device, so I have no idea whether they work just as well, not as well or not at all. I suspect the latter in most if not all cases.

I checked some reviews of the No-No and most people thought Pat was spot on (subject of "a heavy duty promotional campaign").  I'd say no to the no-no.

At Ulta, I saw a couple of different devices.  One needed a part that burned out (I forget the specifics); the other did not.  These were both home laser devices; I've looked at others.  They all claim to work best on dark hair/light skin, they usually warn against being used on men's faces (but some claim to be OK on women's faces, below the lip).  They also claim to eliminate hair for "up to a year" after repeated uses.  I kind of understand the repeated uses ~ hairs grow on different cycles and you need to get them all.

But if I'm going to invest my time and money, I want something that's permanent and will work on ALL my hair.  I don't think that exists yet.  Maybe tomorrow.


  1. Meg -

    A face is much too important to be handled by someone who is not a professional. Even if one uses a home laser for the rest of the body, using it on the face is likely a foolhardy thing to do.

    With that being said, the claims for the no-no seem to be overblown. As I understand the device, it burns the hair - but is not intense enough to kill the follicle. It may work (I don't know), but I've held off buying one, as I don't want to risk $250+ on something that is only a gamble.

    As for other devices - I may consider them, but NOT for the face. I'm at the point where I will soon consider electrolysis to get rid of the gray hairs. Luckily, they do not show as much as the former darker hairs, so I'm still good after 12 hours without a touchup....


  2. If you read the online reviews for "No-no", they're absolutely horrible. One of the ones that caught my eye said that only 7% of the people who purchased it would recommend it to their friends/family.

  3. Eliminating hair for up to a year is a physical impossibility. A follicle will either be damaged such that the hair grows more slowly or does not grow at all, or it will not be damaged at all. The only way that the claim would make sense is if they actually meant that it would eliminate hair growth from all that were actively growing at the time, but clearly that's not what they said! What they said is as ridiculous as saying that your right arm will be amputated for up to a year ~ either it's gone for good, or it's not gone at all.


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