Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Shoes for Industry!

How many people got that reference?

I bought house slippers a while back.  I got them at Sears, it was difficult to get my size, and I wasn't

my new slippers
crazy about them anyway.  They are navy blue fabric and they have a low back.  I like shoes that stay on my feet.  I do wear some regular shoes without heel support, but they're never my first choice.

I do wear slippers when walking around the apartment, and I walk a lot.  The slippers didn't last as long as I would have hoped.

So I started shopping for new slippers.  It turns out there are two basic types of house slippers: open back and not my size.  I found a couple of pair that would work.  One was leather (really?  Leather house slippers?  I might as well keep my shoes on!) and the other was purchased.  They're a Mary Jane style, with a cute furry lining and sequins.  That's OK.  I don't wear them out of the apartment (much).

By the way, I  messed up yesterday and didn't publish until late at night.  If you missed it (and choose to) keep reading!


  1. Shoes for Industry.....( shoes for the dead). I saw that headline and had to see what followed. It was like a cold slap and the end of hot fist. I think I'll go over and listen to some Firesign Theater. By the way I think those shoes make great house slippers, I'd buy them in second if I could get them in my PT boat sized feet (13).

  2. The proper slippers to walk in Los Angeles by night, out of the fog and into the smog, relentlessly, ruthlessly (wonder where Ruth is?), doggedly (arf), towards all of your meetings with the unknown. Anyone who doesn't get the reference needs to hire either Nick Danger (Third Eye), or, perhaps, Lieutenant Bradshaw.........

  3. HI! I'm Joe Beats.

    Say, what chance does a deceased returning war veteran have for that good payin' job, more sugar, and that free Mule we've all been dreaming of?

    Now take off your shoes.

    Now you can see how increased spending opportunities, mean harder work for everyone, and more of it, too! So, do yourself a favor, Joe. Join with millions of your friends and neighbors, and, TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES!

    "For INDUSTRY!"

    Gotta go. My shoes are drying by the crinkling cellophane.


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