Thursday, January 30, 2014

More Soiree!

Update: the poll will be explained tomorrow.

I'm not good at parties.  It's hard to get past my introversion, and I have to work at it.  I'm often the person you see wandering around by herself (or himself, depending on the party), acting like she's fascinated by the pictures on the wall.

I'm never the only one, but each of us acts as if we are.

There are always new girls at the soirees so I made it a point to find the one-who-could-be-me and say hi.  Star, who is the anti-Meg in terms of social interaction, had the same idea.

I spoke to one girl who came all the way from the eastern shore of Maryland (at least a 90 minute drive), two who came from Baltimore (an hour north; Star made sure they knew each other before the end of the night), one girl who had only discovered she enjoyed dressing a year or two ago, and more.  I had a long chat with Chris, a British ex-pat, about British humour and England in general.

click to enlarge and see if you can find Waldo :)
My self-assigned mission meant I didn't speak to as many of the "regulars" as I would have liked.  I barely more than nodded to Cindy, Monika, Julie, more.  I need to balance my "time with people" with "time without people."  I don't even notice I'm doing it; if I do notice, there's usually little I can do about it.  So I spent a little time wandering off by myself, studying the drink or food table a bit too long.

I was pleased to see that There were quite a number of partners there.  Carrie brought her new bride, Jennifer, who is delightful.  Diane, as always, came with Donna (and I never have a chance to talk to Donna, but I had a nice chat about the fear of flying (pretty) with Diane.

Jackie was there with Shelby,  Roxanne with Nan Lee,  Danielle and Katrina.

And Star and Charity were there, supporting Andrea and yours truly.

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  1. mmm flying pretty, isn't that how all this started (your Blog I mean)


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