Tuesday, January 28, 2014

To the Soiree!

I forgot to push the publish button. Better late than never, or at least that's what I tell myself.

Getting ready for a soiree is always a bit tricky.  It still takes me a long time to get ready, and that impacts dinner time.  This time, I did a late lunch and got ready in time for the 7:00 party.  Getting ready first would have worked, but I had a pasta dinner and did NOT want to be wearing my going-out dress for that!
Parking is also tricky.  Christine has a HUGE driveway, but snow and ice meant fewer cars could park there.  I wore (girl) tennis shoes (gasp!) for travelling and carried mid-heel Mary Janes to wear at the party itself.

To help limit the number of cars at Christine's, Sharon joined us for the drive.  We also picked up Star and Andrea, which turned out to be a VERY good thing.

Sharon had a fantastic purple dress; Andrea wore a sweater and long wool skirt.  Both looked great, as you can see here.

We all made it in and changed shoes without anyone freezing or falling, and the soiree itself was exceptional.
More pictures below.
Charity and Star

Andrea and Star

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  1. Meg -

    I've made that mistake as well when writing my blog. It's a good thing you got to the soiree - I'll bet you've been starved for "Meg Time".



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