Thursday, January 16, 2014

Read Label Redux

Due to my little tiny (and self-inflicted) wounds, I still can't shave below my neck.  That limits what I can wear if I don't want it to show.  My damaged hand looked way worse last weekend than it does now.

Last Friday, I visited a friend who I usually see as Meg, but not always.  The plan was to go out to eat and play a game.  I did want to go out as Meg.  Instead, our host cooked (a superb meal) and we stayed in.  Between my skin, the fact that it wouldn't be much of an "out" night, and it would be a late night that becomes later if I have to remove makeup and such, I went in male mode.

Sunday, I went to see the Capitol Steps at a local high school.  It would have been nice for Meg to attend, but I often see people I know there and I wasn't in the mood to deal with that.  And with the little scabs....

So not a Meg weekend, in spite of opportunities.  This coming weekend I'll be with my boys in New York so Meg will miss another weekend.

Meg misses weekends, I miss Meg.


  1. Meg -

    Have a great time with your sons in NY.... And I hope you get some Meg time in soon....


  2. I understand completely. I am looking at an upcoming 'dressing drought' over the next week or so.
    Like McArthur, however, I shall return.

  3. Meg is always there, it's just a question of letting her out


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