Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Simple Pleasure ~ Underdressing

(since several of you have asked, let me say that I am a government contractor, my building is closed, all of my government counterparts are home but I'm still slaving away on my project and will probably even get paid on time for my toil.  Don't ask what I think about the whole closure thing ~ my blood pressure can't take it anymore.)

I want to follow up on last Wednesday's "don't adjust your strap; people will notice" post.  By the way, check out the comments for that post.  You guys had good suggestions.

I enjoy underdressing.  It brings a bit of my hobby into every day life, and I find that relaxing.

Today's hint: don't push it.

I had my charm bracelet for quite a while before I decided it was either OK for me to wear it out, or I didn't care if anyone noticed.  Remember that care-don't care spectrum I've written about many times.  If you're not there today, you'll get there soon.  If you care what people think today, you'll get over that and wear what you want, what you're comfortable with.

There's no point in wearing bright pink undies if you're going to spend all day checking to make sure the inseam on your pants didn't split.  They didn't, and you look silly.  So if you notice you keep reaching for your buttseam, wait a bit.

Same thing with pulling your pants down so no-one notices your hose or tights or cute socks, or anything else you decide to wear.

You'll be ready soon enough.  Wait until you can cherish the experience instead of spending a day in constant panic.


  1. I am almost always least with pantyhose and panties if not with a cami, slip or bra. It is a calming and affirming sense of correctness to know what I have on under my guy clothes.

    I do not worry about the occasional showing of hose above my socks or of split pants but have had a few harrowing moments.

    Certain places that I must go to have metal detectors for security. On more than one occasion I have been patted down or closely wanded. On several occasions I have been ordered to lift my pant legs to show that I did not have a weapon strapped to my leg. What they saw was a hose covered calf.

    On one occasion where I was called upon to be one my feet a lot and doing a lot of talking I felt the seam of my suit pant split wide. I knew immediately that my black pantyhose and red panties would be visable to anyone behind me and that the hem of my suit jacket did not go down far enough to cover the split. I spent most of the morning walking in a fashion where my back was to a wall or desk or anything but the other people in the room. At lunch I was able to retrieve a pair of boxers that I carry in my briefcase and put them on over the panties and pantyhose. Small solace for the rest of the day.

    Harry Truman said that if the kitchen is too hot to get out of the kitchen. I say that if you are not living on the edge you are taking up too much room.


  2. Meg -

    Sadly, I think the government shutdown is going to be a long disaster, one which will hurt this country much more than anyone thinks. And it's already affected my plans for visiting DC and Philadelphia in the Fall. Hopefully, I'll be wrong, and you'll be back to work (officially) shortly.

    With that being said, I'm shifting to "underdressing". Unlike you (or Pat), I do not blend my clothing. When in male mode, all my clothing comes from one side of the store. And when in female mode, my clothing comes from the other side of the store. The last thing I want is a clothing malfunction that causes me even more embarrassment than it normally would cause....


  3. To adjust a bra strap is one thing, to pick a calling cell phone somewhere out from your chest, is something else. Like so many girls I like to have mine near to my heart to feel the buzz instead of being startled by the ringtone that also might annoy others. Never had any quizzical looks.



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