Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Simple... Pleasure?

I've been trying to keep my nails looking nice.  They have a habit of breaking and I've been using Nailtiques formula #2 to both harden my nails and give them some shine.

They still break, but there's no breaking bad.  So to speak.

However, I noticed that my right thumbnail has a split right in the centre of the nail.  It's about an eighth or sixteenth of an inch deep, depending on how short my nails are.

It was puzzling, until I realised that every day, twice a day, I open clasps on both my necklace and bracelet with that exact spot on my fingernail.

I need to find a fix for that.  I can't do clasps with my left thumb though.


  1. You can reduce the number of times you have to open clasps with your right thumbnail -

    On your necklaces (this is the only place it makes sense), consider using a magnetic extender, where magnets at the end are used to secure the necklace instead of the mechanical clasp.


    1. Cool idea. Like this:

  2. A spot repair with some acrylic at a nail salon? Might work...

  3. What you get acrylic nails and a salon
    You want to get a pedicure while you're there
    Cost of Mani/Pedi $50
    Feelings you ll get EVERYTIME you look at your nails(which will be often) PRICELESS


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