Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Still Nothing

A follow up to yesterday's kinda-coming-out to the office fashionista....

Since showing her the Renaissance Faire photos, I showed her pictures of my Halloween "costumes."  I showed her my office drag and said "see?  I did wear heels" and my "Christine O'Donnell" picture.  She commented that I'm set on that hair, because I was wearing the same wig each time.

Actually, I had on a different wig each time.


  1. Meg -

    You're not going to hear anything unless you make a big deal about it. A temptation for many of us (myself included) is to talk too much to people once out, as it is a great relief to have someone to do so....


  2. It seems that you may now have achieved a comfortable position with the 'office fashionista'. It is clear that she not only harbors no ill will towards you or men who wear women's clothes, but that she is intrigued by the concept and practice.

    Women have the lovely practice of commenting on other women's appearance. Mostly in a complimentary fashion. As men we do not often participated in this female bonding practice because we are afraid that we will come across as creepy or trying to 'put the moves on' the woman.

    I think that your past interactions with her have removed you from the 'creep' or 'moves' camp and into the 'quasi-femme' camp. You can now get away with changing the discourse you have with this happily married lady. You can comment on her clothes such as saying things such as "I love your shoes, I have a pair that is similar but with a slightly shorter, clunkier heel". Or "That polish looks great on your nails. I tried a similar shade but I do not think it worked for me." Or "I like your hair like that...too bad I cannot do the same thing with any of my wigs." Or "I love that dress...I have one that is similar and it is one of my favorites." At a bare minimum I think that you can now get away with a simple complimentary comment about her without a reference back to "Meg".

    I am confident that with your sense of humor/irony/flippancy that you can pull it off effortlessly and seamlessly to your enjoyment and her amusement.

    Good luck


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