Thursday, October 17, 2013

I Must Have a Hole in My Head

At least that's the way you voted.  It was 10:1 in favour of getting my ears pierced.

I still have a serious problem with punctures.  I don't even like seeing a nail in a tyre.  Discussing tetanus shots, I recently recalled that, every spring when I'd start to work on my roses, no matter how careful I was I'd get a thorn right in the middle of a knuckle.  It didn't matter if I was barehanded, gloved, or wore a gauntlet.  And the memory still makes me shudder.  I saw a friend put in an earring and it gave me the willies.

So in addition to the other minuses, which can probably be overcome, I really need to get over this one.

Now, a question in the poll position....

Would you meet someone who only knows you as a female, when you are in drab?  For instance, a t-friend you met as part of a group, or the woman who does your mani-pedi.  Assume they know you're trans.  The choices are:
* yes, if s/he's trans too
* yes, if  s/he's a civilian only
* unqualified yes
* no

This one's important.



  1. Good luck if you go for piercings. As for me I will stick with clip-ons for now. Some hurt but if I take them off for 5 minutes and rub my lobes I can usually get another hour out of them before the lobes go numb.

    On your other question I have trouble with the qualifiers "only" on the first two options and with the "unqualified" yes on the third choice.

    It really boils down to a time, place, circumstance, trust situation. It would have to be someone, regardless of their trans status or not who could be trusted to know both sides of me. Many years ago I had gone to a few Tri-Ess meetings. I showed up dressed but there were several folks changing in the change room. During that time frame I was at an event at the Meadowlands and saw one of the group leaders leaving the men's room as I was entering. I recognized him but he did not seem to recognize me. I kept quiet. Would I do the same today...I do not know.
    Tough questions though.

  2. For the record, I voted unqualified yes...if I trust them to know I'm a crossdresser, why wouldn't I trust them to know the male me? OTOH, the reverse is not true...most of the people who know only the male me I'm not sure I could trust with the secret of Dani.

    As for your piercing concerns, did you see this posting on my blog?


  3. Meg -

    I'd have to know more - the type of person, and what you intend to do with the person.... For example, if she knows you're trans, are you interested in dating her?

    But without knowing more.... my answer is yes.


  4. I'm not sure how to answer this one, I had always made it a policy to keep the two mes separate, so people would only know me as female or male, not female and male. However some recent (musical) activities have meant that some people have met me as both. Some of these people are trans, but the majority not, more of a consideration is who am I most afraid of knowing what, i.e. what is the biggest risk A knowing that I am trans, or B knowing that I am also still a man. Hope that makes sense.

  5. Yes, get pierced! And get it done at a real piercing place, not at a mall piercing pagoda. A long needle and a guy with more piercings than you'll ever have -- that's the way to go. They're cleaner, more experienced, and more skilled than a twentysomething with a piercing gun.


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