Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Small Change

I haven't been wearing my charm bracelet daily now.  I've been switching off with a borrowed Pandora bracelet.

It has a handful of charms, like in the picture at the top right on that page.

What I like: it's easy to change beads if you wish.  Open it, slide them off, slide new ones on.

What I don't like: it's easy to let it slip and drop beads all over the floor/under the bed/wherever it's most inconvenient.

Also, with few charms they have a tendency to slide under your wrist instead of lying nicely on top.  It falls low on my wrist, but I presume if more beads are added it would have to sit higher.

This one has
* a purple patterned glass bead
* a silver owl
* a flowered purple glass bead
* a small silver heart
* a Jewish (six-sided) star
* a green faceted bead
* a high-heel shoe and
* a light grey daffodil-type flower glass bead

I wear it irregularly, switching between that and my regular charm bracelet.  Meg hasn't worn it, although she might next time she goes out (at the most recent games, I wore a bracelet that matched my earrings).

No-one has commented on the bracelet yet.  But I also got new glasses (alas, boy frames) for the first time in years and no-one's noticed that either.

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  1. Many of our opticians offer a BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) so last time I needed new glasses I got a pair from both sides


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