Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Simple Pleasure ~ Ear Piercing

No, I haven't done it.  No, I haven't decided yet, in spite of your overwhelming vote.  I still have to get over that queasy feeling when I think about punctures to even decide if I want to do it or not.

In response to one of my negatives (having to have an earring in 24x7 for several weeks), one of my readers suggested a "Labret Retainer."  They're cheap and almost invisible.  And tempting.  But there's another problem.

As part of my decision, I would either need to skip it or own it.  I'm not out to hide it.  If I'm ashamed or uncomfortable with the piercing I shouldn't do it.  I won't do it.  I didn't do other "obvious" things until I reached a comfort level.  It's part of the decision process.

("obvious" things means obvious to the casual observer, to steal a math phrase.  My charm bracelet, most of my socks or tights, shirts that button the wrong way, and so on)

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  1. The initial period cannot safely be done with anything except metal studs that you are not going to react to, and it's really not a good idea to remove them at all for the first 4 to 6 weeks.

    Once the holes have healed, it's then possible to use the plastic studs to stop the holes from closing up.

    In the meantime, you have to be prepared to wear relatively visible metal studs.

  2. Quite right too, you should only do this when you are ready. I had mine done six weeks ago, but it took a long time before I was ready, now I am glad I did it and a looking forward to using a variety of studs and earrings. I currently have the sparkly little studs put in when they were pierced, I too thought if I a going to do this there is no point in hiding it.

  3. I find that having my ears pierced gives me the opportunity to wear such a variety of earrings when I am in femme mode. The earrings help to set off the outfits that I wear and I feel more feminine as well When in boy mode I don't wear studs in my ears that often preferring to wait till I am dressed female.

  4. i was prepared for all my mail friends. they would look and stare at each ear from side to side for a few seconds and i would say "what? yes i had them pierced" and they'd say "but why?" then i countered with " because I WANTED TO!" and sometimes i then added "also for my other self" at which point they'd do a double take and say"what" which allowed me to open up to them and then i'd show them one of my very conservative photos of me in a skirt suit. and after that i no longer got any comments. LOL
    but alice is correct in that if removed right after getting them pierced usually you can't find the hole to insert the clear retainer in unless perhaps if done with a needle at a piercing place ( vs the hole piercing "gun") one bit of advice is after being pierced DON'T rely on the clairs store solution as it is to mild. better to use the old standbys like rubbing alcohol or the sea salt spray that the piercing places suggest.
    i have since bought a set of small pink 14k safires (i even had the posts extended to accommodate the more sensitive ear lobe) that i wear most of the time (mine were done 3 years ago when i was 53 ) in guy mode as they sort of blend into my skin mode. to bad in guy mode we haven't reached the point where it is acceptable to wear the cute dangley stuff!
    woluld i do it again ? you betcha!


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