Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Simple Pleasure ~ Extremes

This week's poll: would you meet someone who only knows you as a female, when you are in drab?  For instance, a t-friend you met as part of a group, or the woman who does your mani-pedi.  Assume they know you're trans.  The choices are:
* yes, if s/he's trans too
* yes, if  s/he's a civilian only
* unqualified yes
* no

This one's important.

When I'm in drab, I have on girl clothes under my male clothes.

When I'm dressed, I dress... well, not to kill but maybe to maim.  I certainly am one of the dressiest women in whatever venue I appear (trans group getogethers excepted).

Since I'm either in drab or drag, I'm always either underdressing or overdressing.

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  1. Mega dittos to you Meg. You are not alone.
    The only time I will not have pantyhose on is if I am in shorts and the only time I will not be wearing panties is if I have to be in a situation where I need to be changing in front of others such as the doctor or a locker room.


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