Saturday, October 19, 2013

Same Artist. Hmmmm....

This week's poll: would you meet someone who only knows you as a female, when you are in drab?  For instance, a t-friend you met as part of a group, or the woman who does your mani-pedi.  Assume they know you're trans.  The choices are:
* yes, if s/he's trans too
* yes, if  s/he's a civilian only
* unqualified yes
* no

This one's important.

Caveat: Pick the absolute worst comic strip ever (I'd nominate Close to Home) and I can't do as well as he does.  I can't draw, I can't come up with a premise, I can't come up with an idea seven days a week, year after year after year.

But, hey, c'mon.  I think Fred Wagner's just coasting here, unless he makes it a theme, with all sorts of different forest creatures wearing heels.  And if it wasn't the "girl" content, I probably wouldn't have noticed.

And I just realised, I don't recall ever seeing another article of clothing (shown or implied) on any of the animals here.  And the strip is called Animal Crackers.

Stana should LOVE this one! :D


  1. I'm not familiar with Close to Home, but I think The Lockhorns would have to be at least a nominee for worst comic strip ever.

    1. Lockhorns are a one-(not very good)-joke strip.

      For Close to Home, read this:

  2. I do love the high heel cartoons!

    The worst comic strip ever IMHO was "Li'l Abner." Great artwork, but it was unreadable.

  3. Alas, we differ here. I thought Li'l Abner was brilliant. It wasn't in the NY paper I read though.

    I still regret reading Every Strip in the Star Journal and skipping Pogo because I couldn't get past the typeface. Once I tried it, I LOVED it.

  4. I would like to duly nominate Daddy's Home as the lamest "comic" strip this side of The Family Circus, in both artwork and funny ideas. Truly awful.


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