Monday, October 28, 2013

Fright Night

(Writing before the event)

I'm going to do something that's different this Saturday.  Different, and a bit scary.

I have been cardmodelling for a long time.  Once a year, there is the "International Paper Modeller's Convention," which, for the past 14 years, has been held in Northern Virginia.

I've also been mildly active on their list for a long time, sometimes (but not often) contributing.  But I haven't been to the convention since maybe 2008.

Over the past 18 months, my male self has dropped off the list as far as anything active goes.  But Meg has filled in the (small) void.

I have spoken with many of the guys (it's almost all guys) who exhibit at the convention.  Some know me by sight when I walk in.

Not this time.  I plan for Meg to make an appearance.

I'm not sure if I should say "remember me?  I know I look different, but, hey, it's been five years.  What do you expect?" or if I should just be Meg.  Or say "hey, it's me.  It's costume season and I'm going to a party from here."

I expect to get some attention because most women who visit are there with families.  A single woman will stand out.  A single overdressed woman will definitely stand out.

And that's another problem.  There might be a larger concentration of kids there than I'm used to, as well as a larger ratio of guys-to-girls than I'm comfortable with.

It's late in the week and I'm still not sure what to wear when jeans is considered dressing up for this gang.
I'll be going alone, which means the first thing I'll need to do is check any butterflies at the door.  Especially since I'll know the guy at the registration desk.

I have one saving grace: nobody notices women over a certain age.  I'm beyond that age.

I'll have a report and pictures over the next few days.  I expect it to all be good.


  1. You go girl, if you don't go as meg,
    Later you will you had
    Have a great time, take lots of pix
    I look forward to reading all about
    What a great time you had
    I'd say good luck, but you D'ONT need it

  2. I was impressed when Stana wrote about attending a Radio Ham convention that she had previously gone to as him, I was even more impressed at how accepted she was, I a sure that you will be too. After all what units you is your enthusiasm for card modelling, not how you dress. Can I suggest jeans and a sweater, simple comfortable, and what a girl would wear on an occasion like this. Have fun!


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