Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Convention Logistics

update to fix bad editing

As I mentioned yesterday, Saturday was the International Paper Modeler's Convention.  It was less international than in years past, when we had a few exhibitors from Europe showing their wares.  It still occupied three meeting rooms in the hotel, with 30 or so exhibitors and some very cool models.

As I also mentioned, it's a pretty casual affair and Meg doesn't do casual well.  I went with a cowl neck sweater, long wool skirt, and boots.
as casual as I get

I did my own makeup for a change (Charity was out late the night before and I didn't want to wake her).  I'm running low on foundation so I brought my bottle along in hopes I could stop afterwards to replenish.
My full day plan was to go to the convention and look around for a while (and maybe shop), then maybe go to the Nordstrom's Rack that's pretty close to the convention hotel to look around (and maybe shop), then down to the mall to buy that foundation (and maybe shop).

I wanted to be home by 4:30.  My friend Sharon needed a place to put on her Halloween costume for a little bar hopping with the local t-group.  I decided to pass on that, but I could certainly offer a safe place to a friend.

The day started off as expected, and I had fun at the convention.  I was there for a couple of hours (that story is set for Thursday) and then I found Nordstrom's.  I looked at dresses and shoes (but I didn't buy) and then walked over to the Dress Barn and Ross that were in the same strip mall.  I spent some time at each, but no money.  When entering Dress Barn, there was a woman sitting at a small table who wanted to know if I wanted to get some "free" Mary Kay products "and some pampering."  I declined, partly because of time, partly because I didn't want to hear what I'd have to do in order to get the "free" treatment and product.

I still had some time so I headed south towards the mall.

That's where the rest of my time went.

It seems that, between the time I purchased my Prius with the built-in GPS (four years ago) and now, Sterling was overhauled.  The GPS tried to get me on the road I needed to take, but it kept telling me to get on roads that ended, or turned into housing developments.  It wanted me to get off what seemed to be through roads.  I was never sure if I should follow the traffic (much of which went into other shopping centres) or the GPS or just head south or east, towards home.

Several backtracks later, I ended up on a very backed up road with the clock ticking and my be-home-by-4:30 deadline looming so I skipped the mall.

I stayed dressed while Sharon came and changed.  When she left, I changed (my burgandy cowl dress again) and went to a nearby restaurant for an uneventful (but not especially tasty) dinner.  Proper pronouns and titles as expected, at dinner, which made up for the mediocre meal.

Sunday was game day at Star's house and it was already late when I returned home and changed.


  1. Under any standard of measurement it was a full day for Meg to be out and about interacting with and outreaching to the civilians in the area.
    Thank you.

  2. Love your photo. You are so pretty- Julie


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