Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Not Funny

I mentioned Close to Home last weekend.  I suggested it might be the worst strip ever.  Instead of posting my usual Sunday funnies here, I recommend you take a look at this blog post.

I leave a short excerpt here.  This is a bit that doesn't contain not-for-the-kiddies language.

THE WRITING: This comic is a deft combination of two overused clichés in comics – a desert island gag and a “____ For Dummies” reference. The result is spectacularly forgettable. THE ART: Line variation can really help out a drawing sometimes, but McPherson likes to draw body hair and grime with the same pen he draws everything else with, I guess. This man doesn’t look like he’s been marooned on an island. He looks like he was mercilessly beaten with a cactus.

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