Sunday, October 13, 2013

More Fusco

Yesterday was an oddity.  Actually, the Fusco Brothers are often oddities.  But who am I to talk?

Here are a few more.  You'll notice that most of them have one of the brothers on a shrink's couch.  Mr Duffy has some themes he likes to repeat, sometimes with great effect, sometimes not so much.  In addition to the couch, he relies on the bar hookup, fly in soup, lawyer talking to judge a lot.  He also uses the floating question mark (or exclamation point, or both or many) to excess, sometimes incorporating the fact that they're there as part of the joke (the metahumour I love so much).  I'm surprised there's only one in the five strips here.

The animal is a wolverine, not a dog.

I want that shirt!


  1. For a little femulating in the funnies, check out Dagwood this Sunday in his Marilyn Monroe costume.

  2. Already flagged for an upcoming Sunday. Thank you!


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