Thursday, October 3, 2013

Forward, Into the Past ~ Stopping at the Cat House

Charity had committed to watching a co-worker's cat, starting on RenFest day.

We changed out of our costumes and into street (for me, that's Meg) clothes at Star's house, and since the apartment was near their house and mostly on our way home, I agreed to stop while she checked on the kitty.

She had the key to the apartment; we drove over and parked kind of far from the front door (not intentionally, and we had done a lot of walking already that day).  We walked over and she opened the door.

Well, not quite.

The key didn't work.  she tried it; I tried it; a woman in the next apartment showed up and I explained what the problem was and she tried it.  (Note: Meg explained, she still helped, no questions asked.  Hooray for our side!)

Charity knew that the co-worker had a boyfriend (also a co-worker) and she had his number.  She called him up and, yes, he had a key to her apartment, and yes, he could come over in about 15 minutes.

We loitered.  Charity had told only one person at work about Meg.  Fortunately, it was he.  She had not only not told him on the phone how I was dressed; she didn't even mention that I was there.

We discussed, and I had no interest in waiting in the car so we both loitered some more.

He showed up, Charity introduced us, and we went in.  It turns out he had just driven the cat owner to the airport an hour earlier so the cat was covered, but if we hadn't gone, Charity wouldn't have known about the key (it was the wrong one) until early the next morning and that would have been difficult.

Mostly I hung back while they chatted, mostly about the kitty.  Later I found out that he didn't know I was her roomie.  He thought I was just One Of Many trans friends, which is interesting.

Not long after that, a transwoman brought a pet into the animal hospital where Charity works.  The employees were happily making fun of her (behind her back, of course) while Charity was busily telling them to KNOCK IT OFF.  I hope more of them get to meet Meg.


  1. Being made fun of behind our backs is a side effect of being out and about.
    With each positive encounter that you or I or others have whee we are seen as people rather than oddities the better it becomes for the next person.


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