Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Don't Get It

Mike du Jour is a new (to me) strip.  It appeared in the Washington Post when Richard Thompson sadly was forced to retire.  Mostly, it hasn't been remotely funny.  I keep hoping.

I don't get this one.  Is it what he wished for?  He doesn't look happy; he looks bewildered.  Is it a (not funny) joke on "foundation?"  And I don't think the "Make a Wish Foundation" has anything to do with birthday wishes.

I don't get it, but I approve of the results.


  1. Perhaps he wanted to shape up. :P

  2. I think it relates to 'Poof' as 1) the sound of candles being blown out and 2) a derogatory term for a gay man.

  3. If you take the idea that bras and the like are often called "foundation garments" maybe that explains it...

  4. Probably some combination of Sonora's and Dani's ideas, although I was assuming "pouf" as in a powder puff. If humor has to be explained, it really isn't funny.

  5. Yes, I miss Richard Thompson.
    Hope you're enjoying "Reply All" in the Post as much as me.. do you?
    Happy new year and hug,


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