Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Simple Pleasures: Visualise Your Goals

You, or someone you work with, might have a goal picture on their desk.  It might be a picture of the Swiss Alps, a Porsche, a sailboat.  It reminds them that they're working for a reason: for a dream vacation, car, getaway.

I am not delusional.

I don't expect to ever have a shape like the drawing in the tag below (although I've been inching my belt tighter). 

I don't expect to ever have legs like the woman in the other picture (but my legs aren't too bad).

But it's nice to dream.  It's nice to look at those pictures while I'm shaving/brushing teeth/putting my face on and think that maybe someday...  Someday...



  1. Meg -

    Your legs are quite good.... But as middle aged ladies, neither of us are supposed to show off as much as the younger lasses....


  2. I keep visualizing my goals and working towards them. A week ago I had a pleasant surprise. I was sitting down to watch TV and discovered I could actually cross my right leg completely over the left one. (My thighs were too chubby before.) So, there is hope.

    Keep visualizing and striving!


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