Friday, January 18, 2013

All Dressed Up and Somewhere to Go

Like many of us, I like to dress UP when I go out.  I have limits though: although I don't mind being the most dressed up woman when I go somewhere, I want to be at least somewhat close to the next most-dressed-up women.

If jeans are normal attire, I'll wear a casual skirt and top and hope there will be some other skirts in the room (there usually are).  I dressed up a bit for the Birchmere, unsure of what other women would be wearing.  I kind of expected jeans but, as I mentioned, a few women were dressier than I was.

Last weekend, I was FINALLY able to attend a private t-gathering.  There are two local groups.  One goes to the local t-friendly club once or twice a week.  The other has a get-together in a private house.  I figured this is not just an opportunity to not only get out of the house, but also to meet some t-girls, meet some SOs, and Dress Up.  I figured that anything short of a gown and I wouldn't be the dressiest there.

So I wore a gown.

No I didn't.  I wore a nice dress ~ dressier than I'd wear to the mall or a folk club.  I've had this one in my closet for a long time and I've never had the right occasion to take it out and wear it out. 

It's a tad short.  It's dark dark blue.  It's velvet (or velvet-y anyway).

I added blue tights; black patent pumps; my longer, blonder wig; a borrowed necklace and some other jewelry; and Makeup (and nails) By Charity.

Nails by Charity
Having gone out the night before, I could skip some of the shaving and brow plucking.

We had an uneventful drive up to Christine's house.  Most of the other members had arrived already and we headed for the drinks-and-nosh room.

There will be more Monday and Tuesday.  You regulars know what the weekend will bring.


  1. sheer, barely black tights would look good with that dress, one of the (many) joys of a T meeting is that there is no need to hide that you are T, so heels and a dressy dress are fine.

  2. Meg -

    I can't wait to hear more about it.

    You're lucky to have more than one T-Group nearby. Many of us have to hunt for them. In my case, there's one within a short subway ride of my office - that I don't go to for reasons of inconvenience.

    But enough about that - You have the body for the outfit you were wearing!!!! And having Charity there to do your nails - I'm envious....


  3. Another great look, hope you had a good time. I have to go to my local T group this weekend, as well, first time in about 10 years. Wife has suggested I buy a new dress for the occasion, think I'll comply.

  4. The entire 'look' was well put together. It is a great dress and wearing the tights with the shorter dress worked very well. I tend to get a bit prudish with some of the shorter dresses but perhaps pairing them with tights rather than shear beige hose may work better.
    I like the proportion of the bag and I think this wig is good on you...either that or I am blinded by your smile.

  5. Always happy to read about your public outings. Still nowhere near the point where I can do so myself, so I live vicariously through blogs like yours!

  6. Hi Meg -You look great-I am out in SJ now- going out tonight with the girls from Carla's

  7. I love this look, Meg. You look very cute.

  8. Ok, I wasn't going to comment more.
    Then... I saw THIS.
    OMG!!!!! I literally got the *real* attraction feeling... this is an AMAZING picture... truly, congrats! Wow.


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