Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy Holidays To Meg!

When I went out to the Birchmere, I had two new items with me.

One was my purple fingernails, courtesy of Charity:

(the little red dot is the hand stamp from the Birchmere.  The rings are just costume jewelry; I picked up the bracelet at a street fair.  It fit the purple theme well.)

The other item was given to me by a reader who asked that I not mention her name:

Yes, it's a Coach!  And I love it.


  1. Meg,

    That's a really pretty bag! I hope you actually start to carry it and enjoy it, as much as I enjoy carrying my bags!

    Plus yours has the benefit of being a Coach. Before I retired, the girls at work wanted me to get a Coach bag...I ended up settling for the Liz Claiborne bag, as one I could afford! But now that I frequent the charity shops, if a Coach cross-body bag ever shows up, I'll snag it!



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