Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Simple Pleasure ~ Almost There

Yesterday morning, I took off my nightgown and put on fresh panties, a bra, tights, a waist cinch, and a camisole.

Since it was a work day, I put on a button-down shirt, nice slacks, and my ubiquitous New Balance tennies.  All were from the women's department, but I was dressed as a male.

Before I put on my shirt and pants, I realised I was at a turning point.  I could have put on my pads, wig, makeup and a dress and I'd be dressed as a female.

I was going to say "just as easily" but it's certainly not as easy.  It's the difference between two minute dressing and ninety minute dressing.  It's also the difference between having a nice day and having an awesome day.

I really didn't realise how close I was, how thin the shell is around the female middle.


  1. So true.

    Some years ago, I drove to Atlanta for Southern Comfort, then drove to Atlantic City for a trade show, then back to Louisville. No guy clothes along for the ride at all. Get up every morning, paint the face, put on pretty professional clothes, live my life, girl all day, checking i/o of hotels and conventions, road food, etc. for 10 days enfemme on the road. Day 11, I get up at home, slumber through the morning ritual, put on daytime makeup, hose, bra and pads, cinch, a nice white silk blouse and peach femme pants, completely without thought...then, when I was slipping my pumps on, realized that I was about to go to work as Annie....nope, can't do that.

  2. Meg -

    It is "as easy" a choice without being "as easy" an effort...

    But isn't it much more enjoyable when you can spend that 90 minutes and go out the way you'd like to be?


  3. It's interesting how quickly the feminine creeps in, isn't it? I'm only about a month into my own journey, but already my innermost layer is almost 100% from the women's department. I don't know how long it will be before I start adding visible items to the list, but probably someday.


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