Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Simple Pleasures: It's My Choice

For the past few years, I went out when Events Beyond My Control allowed me to go out.

At home, I looked for what I called "the perfect storm."  I looked first for days when my family would be away, preferably for three days.  The first night was preparation, the next full day was a Meg day, the next morning was for putting everything away.

Sometimes, things just worked.  The family went skiing and I not only had one of my first "escorted" outings on one day, the next day was a Mardi Gras party that Meg attended.  The family went to the beach on the exact day I would be able to fly to Kansas ~ the start of this blog.  That was actually a bit of aiming on my part: I delayed going a week (since I could) and when my wife kept changing dates, I worked to keep her on track.

Travel was wherever I would go, traveling in drab (with two exceptions) and dressing at my destination.

Now, I can go out every night if I want to.  There's something to do almost every night ~ the t-girls go to a club a couple of times a week; the gamers or other civilian meetups happen most nights.

The simple pleasure?  I have a choice.  I don't have to go into OhMyGodIGetToGoOutIBetterGo mode.  I can look at how I feel, and what my schedule is like (do I have three hours to get dressed/undressed?) and know that, if I skip this opportunity there will be another.

It's like a weight has been lifted.  The pleasure of dressing has gone up.

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  1. Meg -

    It must be both a relief and a blessing to have this ability to be Meg whenever you want, not having to live on someone else's schedule.

    How often do you now find that you are becoming Meg, having the freedom to do so? You've said that you're blending the genders in your wardrobe, so the question is more of a "How often do you feel you've turned into Meg from your male persona?" I try to do so at least once or twice each week, usually on weekends when I have the time to prepare "Marian" for being out in the world. Time is definitely a factor in determining which persona goes out when not working....



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