Thursday, January 17, 2013

More Games

Charity, with her rainbow headband

The pictures here are from the game night.

I wrote about the gamers meetup on Tuesday.  They have a lot of events, and they have a couple of periodic events I need to think about.

They occasionally have an "adult" game night, whereing they allow as many women who want to join, join.  But they limit the number of men to the same as the number of women.

They also have "guys games" nights and "girls games" nights.

The gang's all here
I'm not sure about joining either the adult or the gender-specific games.  If I did, I'd insist on being in the girl role.  But I'm not going to bring that up.  Yet.

Oh... remember I did a poll a while back about "should I tell a civilian group about Meg before I go?"  You overwhelmingly said "NO!  Just go and have fun."  I went and had fun, and it seems everyone else did as well.

And I also polled "should we dress alike?" and you guys said "no" (roughly 2:1).

We didn't.


  1. Meg -

    Very interesting.... I hope to soon hear that you decided to go to the gender specific games (female) and tell us about it. But first, you have to become part of the woodwork as Meg, a gal with a deep voice.

    Although I'm not much of a game player, you've given me an idea of how I can go out and socialize as Marian.... But I commend you for your courage to bring Meg out in public and enjoy being there....


  2. It is nice to see my votes in the majority for a change.

  3. Doesn't look to me, from the facial expressions, that anyone was thinking about anything more than their gaming.....and that's a great feeling, isn't it? I work with a bunch of gamers, and they mostly seem to be a 'live/let live bunch. As you said, every outing is special, and I couldn't agree more!


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