Thursday, January 24, 2013

Game Night ~ Private Party

When we were at the (civilian) gamers meetup last week, Charity chatted with one of the women (call her S) at her table.  I didn't have the chance, but later Charity told me that S has a trans partner.  S also invited Charity and Meg over for a little private gaming.  We went last Monday.

For the event, I decided on a repeat ~ I wore the purple dress I wore to the Birchmere and a pair of black pumps.  Charity had to work so I did my makeup and my lips are lighter than usual ~ I like it.  Charity chose the colours. 

Click the pics to enlarge.

Andrea, S's partner, looked GREAT.  She wore a skirt-and-boots that looked fabulous.  AND she gets to skip the wig.  Grrrrr.

They have a huge selection of games ~ I mentioned to Charity that some gamers at the GLBT game group were playing Ticket to Ride and it looked interesting, so Charity suggested we play that first.

After the game (I won't mention how badly I was beaten), we decided to go out to a nearby diner.  It was very quiet, and we were treated normally.  I admit I was a bit apprehensive about the diner, but the food was good, the conversation better, and the only bad thing was I forgot to get a picture or two after dinner.

We returned to their house, took a tour, and played another, sillier game involving monsters trying to take Tokyo.  Since dice were involved, Charity won.  She has amazing luck in games of chance.  A week or two earlier, I taught her Yahtzee.  She managed to roll a Yahtzee (or two!) in each of the first few rounds that we played.  I don't think she zeroed anything.  In about the fifth round, a few nights later, she managed SIX YAHTZEES IN ONE ROUND.  I shan't be playing poker against her.

Meg and Andrea
S mentioned that Andrea had never had the "twelve-year-old sleepover" experience so she had a sleepover for her, complete with mounds of nail polish and Teen Beat magazine.  It sounds like S is as comfortable with the dressing as Charity is, and that's great!

It sounds like an ordinary evening, but there was a Meg first: she spent an afternoon/evening with another couple, doing normal couple things.  That made it extraordinary.

I hope we'll have a repeat soon.  I'm ALWAYS up for games, and good company is the icing on the cake.

And did I mention that Charity baked a cake and brought that to the game?

We also signed up to go to Drag Queen Bingo at Freddie's Beach Bar Wednesday (yesterday).  One of the civilians at the game group suggested it.  Unfortunately, those plans were spoiled, but the woman who organised it said she was thinking of doing it again.  We'll see.

Below is a poor picture of the foursome.  It was very dark and I fixed it up as best I could.


  1. Meg -

    It looks like you had a great time *and* found some kindred souls. Sounds like you'll have a lot of fun in the future....


  2. I wish I had a group like this. I am an avid gamer, and it sounds like fun!

  3. FYI You can call me Star instead of S. We had a great time and will be repeating. I'm also thinking of a few more small social things to plan.


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