Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Simple Pleasures: Trying On I

I think I look silly in drab with earrings.

I don't really like the look of men in earring(s) in general.  I think it's distracting.  Funny thing though ~ I don't find them distracting on women.  I guess it's like anything I'm not expecting; it becomes a focal point.  An obvious tattoo, nose piercing, port wine stain... all seem to distract me from The Issue At Hand.  No, I don't think I'm particularly ADD.  I'm not in the "ooh, a butterfly!" category at all.  Well, not more than most.

Some days, I come home and put on earrings but don't bother to change.  In general, I don't see them and Charity doesn't mind if I'm wearing earrings and whatever I normally wear during the day.

So why?

Because earrings are one of those marvelous girl things that feel OK but may cause agony after a while.  I want to wear each pair for 2-3 hours to test for comfort.  I can then put aside the ones that need to be picked up by the nice folks from the Spanish Inquisition and never wear them again.  Or, at least, I can put padded backs on them and try again.


  1. Meg -

    You make a lot of sense regarding earrings.... Our generation tends to not like seeing earrings on men, save on maybe one ear of a pirate. But they do make a person feel more like a lady. And wearing them for several hours is a good way to know whether you are comfortable with them.

    BTW - Next time I'm in DC, I know a small little boutique which has a lot of antique clip ons. The one pair I bought at this shop for $10 was the best investment in jewelery I could have made - and I hope this lady will still have her shop open, as I plan to stock up on the wonderful stuff she had. (And I'd love to have you and Charity there, if you want to buy some really nice stuff.)


  2. in theory for a unified look that is why choir members during a performance will wear choir robes or a similar color of dress clothes and shoe color (not white sneakers with a tux LOL) so that the audience is not distracted by a single performer (other than a soloist).

    in my area in nj guys with earrings have become soooo common that most people don't even notice anymore. but as you mentioned in the business world, again for a unified look and to keep the mind on the business at hand, it could be distracting.
    this is why on occasion i have removed mine when i feel they are not appropriate for the occasion. then again i use a small pink safire set that blend in with my skin tones and most times they are not noticed unless i mention them. then again with my longer nail in pale pink polish... and since most people i know are aware that i am non transitioning transgendered... the pierced earings don't seem to bother anyone whom i have met. in fact at Christmas my aunt asked where my Christmas earrings were since i had taken them out for Christmas day. LOL

    on another note the store Clairs in many malls seem to have great dangley clip on earrings which i only found out when i went there 2 years ago to get my ears then i was bent on getting my ears pierced anyway . at 55 i had thought about it for over a year even discussing it with my hip ear dr, who doesn't know of my diana side,he suggested the mall would be cheapier!
    also i heard that hundreds of years ago sailors would get an ear pierced once they went around the equator.

    also clairs has magnetized pierced looking stud earings as well. tricky to use though if the magnet gets away from you.


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