Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Staycation: Tuesday

The best bet for Tuesday was, some girls were going to Freddie's, as they did around twice a week.  But I'm still not sure I'd enjoy myself at a club ~ I need to reach the tipping point where spending time with the girls outweighs the discomfort of clubbing.  I do have some dresses that would be GREAT for a night out though!

Instead, I did laundry (boy and some girl clothes that I wore while housesitting).  I put away clothes from that housesitting gig and figured I'd pass on the going-out part.  I did something I've been wanting to do for a while: add some curves.

I have two pairs of padded panties.  One has butt pads, one has butt and hip pads.  I remember trying them on when I bought them and then putting them away.  Sara wrote that she was playing with some padded panties and that reminded me that I wanted to try mine again.  I had brought them for my away time, but there's a lot I didn't get to there.

The butt-only one has larger pads.  The other one has one too-small (or one too-large) hip pad.  Either way, they're not the same size.

Both are very tight.  Very very tight.

Then I realised that that's a good thing.  A very very good thing.

I pulled out a dress that I marked as "needs tuck" because otherwise there's a bulge where women shouldn't have one.

Not with these panties.  I was s-m-o-o-o-o-o-t-h.  And amazed.  And a bit sad, because some of the skirts and dresses I gave to the swap I loved but I couldn't get rid of the bulge, no matter what I did.

I also pulled out some old wigs and tried them on and took some pictures.  I still like the one I wear most the best, but I thought I'd share "former" looks.  I also have a long auburn wig but during my dig I could not find my wig brush and I know that one will need serious brushing.  It always needed serious brushing.

So the pictures are the result of shaking out each wig and running my hand through it to "brush" it.
Hey, it's just between us girls, right?

The first wig is, I believe, my first wig.  I'm not sure where I got the blonde one from, but I did wear that one out once.  The short wig I picked out of a catalogue and it's cute but you can see a bit of my "real" hair sticking out from underneath. 

And by the way, the last picture shows the truest colours in that dress.  And I decided I love that dress and will be wearing it out next time.

As for the wigs, I think I'll stick with my "new favourites."  Click the pic to supersize.


  1. I also recently got a pair of padded panties; I like what they do for my rear-end in my tighter skirts. See my blog post here (http://www.entransed.blogspot.com/2012/08/booty-and-beast.html) for a comparison shot.

    As for your wigs, I like the way the one in the middle frames your face; too bad the color isn't better so I could really see the effect.

  2. Meg
    I think that we get used to liking that which we see the most. I think that the 3 old wigs are fine but I like the 'standard' Meg model the best. It has become you.

    I really like that dress and hope that you get to wear it out. I am sure that it would have been fine to have worn to the club.


  3. i see why you like the dress.
    i must say though that although the three hair styles look nice i still like how the one of you at clinique frames your face best. i think the chestnut color of it is best with your completion as well. the first dark wig is i think to dark for you and the other 2 are ok but again your current style at clinique is "you"


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