Monday, August 27, 2012

Staycation: Monday

A couple of weeks ago, we all went to New York for the weekend.  We came back Sunday night and my wife went to the beach with my youngest and a friend and her son.  Right now, it's impossible for me to take a few days off ~ it was hard to take off the previous Friday to go to New York.

Normally, family-away-time equals Meg-time.

The plan was for them to be at the beach through Wednesday, which means, in theory, three days of dressing if I chose.  Except the family wasn't planning to leave around 10AM on Monday (they left at 2), and coming home around 8pm on Wednesday, and of course there's sleeping and work which takes up, oh I don't know....  sixty percent of my time?  Right now, work crunch is starting and I really can't take much time off.  Normally, I would have done something like a half-day Monday for prep and clothing selection and such, then taken off Tuesday to go out, then used Wednesday afternoon to put everything away for next time.  That wouldn't work this week.

So Monday would be get-ready time.  I couldn't do any of that over the weekend, with the family in a small hotel room with me.

To start my preo, I waited until just after the shops opened.  I called and (yay!) my salonlady was available.  My 2pm meeting would end at 3, and I could make it to the mall by 4 so I set up an appointment for that time, to get my brows done and a manicure.  My nails are a mess, several broke or split randomly so I thought a professional fix would be a good idea.

The best laid plans... my one hour 2pm meeting ran until 3:15 so I left a bit later than planned.  But it was not too late.  I got to the salon a few minutes to 4 and had a nice time chatting with my salon lady.  I asked her to do my brows just a bit thinner and just a bit more shaped than last time, even though we agreed she wouldn't remember what she did.  I said I'd like to do that "just a bit more" each time I came.  She said eventually they'd just be women's brows and I agreed and said I'd tell her to trim them the same as last time at some point.

When I got home, I took some pictures so next time I can show her and say "just a bit more" than that.

My haircut lady was also available so I got my haircut ~ I like to make sure I don't have to worry about hair sticking out from under my wig (and I hate wig caps).

As long as the day was ticking on, I stopped to get some groceries and I looked at the cosmetics, specifically the lipsticks.  I decided I want to see if I can find a lipstick colour that looks natural as a way to switch from the gloss if I'm in the mood.  I settled on Maybelline #315, "Broadway Bronze."

I got home, and my planned early dinner was now a lat-ish dinner.  Not a big deal.  I had three things to do that evening: shave everywhere, pick clothing, and find a place to go.

I spent part of that time looking for something to do the following evening ~ I planned to leave work around 2, since I could work early and make up any short days later in the week. 

I didn't have a lot of luck finding a place to go.  The close-to-perfect place was that night: an GLBT group in DC was having a board game night.  There was no way I could make it though and I continued looking for Tuesday events.  I didn't find one, but thought I'd keep looking on Tuesday.  I did get to the shaving portion of my day, and then I opened the closet door to look for an outfit and a nightgown.  Uh-oh.

Staring me in the face was the realisation that after the abrupt end to my housesitting time I just kind of threw everything in my closet.  The rest of Monday was spent pulling clothes out of random bags, hanging clothes up, leaving boxes and bags out for further organising.

It's not as good as dressing, but it's nice to just kind of hang out with femme clothes for a while.  And it was very late before I got to bed.

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