Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Very Special Weekend, Part IV

(sorry early birds.  I screwed up Tuesday and scheduled my post for 6:30 PM instead of AM).

I had told Aeify about my recent visit to the UU church and we toyed with the idea of going.  We also thought about going to Old Town Alexandria for a bit before the swap.  Once again though, getting some extra sleep took priority and it was 10 (church service start time) when we started getting ready.

Aeify again did my makeup, very differently from Friday, and my eyes looked beautiful.  She said she enjoyed doing it because my lids are larger than hers so she has more area to work with.  I don't care why.  I enjoyed it and I wish I could do my eyes that good!  I think I need to have her come back, even if it's just to do my eyes.  I hope it's because she enjoys my company though.  (I'm sorry, Aeify.  I know you're reading.  I don't want to put you on the spot.  Honest.)

We had coffee but skipped breakfast and went to the swap, even though we were early.  I had a HUGE garbage bag full of clothes and shoes ~ definitely more than the price of admission for the two of us.  I promised Kim I'd bring 40 pounds of ice so we stopped at a supermarket on the way and picked up some bags.

By the way, I think I have the answer to my impromptu experiment.  We were mostly ignored as we shopped.  At the swap and as we walked Alexandria and ate dinner later, we were treated as two women.  I think identical dresses accounted for most if not all of the unexpected attention and Meg is just fine at blending.

We were greeted by Kim's husband as we were about to enter the swap location.  He remembered Meg; I introduced Aeify (the first of several introductions).  He graciously brought in the ice.  I stayed in role and let him. :)
Dianna Li (L) and Kim, our hostesses

When she saw the ice, before she saw me, Kim shouted "Meg's here!"  We hugged, I introduced my out-of-town friend and I gave Kim the Reader's Digest version of what's been going on in my life and caught up on hers.  I love Kim.  She's been through a lot, and always bounces back and never said "I have too much on my plate.  I can't do the clothing swap."  It's for charity and that's important to her.  There are now over a thousand members in her group.  She limited attendence to 150 and it filled almost immediately.

And Kim is another woman who Accepts, not just accepts.  But everyone there was wonderful.  I spoke to several women, I didn't see any clothing I wanted to bring home with me (a good thing), I had a little lunch and girl watched (there was one guy there with what was probably his girl friend).

When we first arrived, there was just a small crowd since the swap wouldn't start for another half-hour.  One woman started helping Aeify unload the clothes while I spoke to Kim and she started talking to both of us, telling Aeify how she wants to take all of Meg's clothes home with her but she'll resist.  There was a deaf woman there (I knew because I saw Kim signing with her) who was trying on a pair of platform pumps I brought in ~ they did not work on my feet.  I was trying to tell her that they were my shoes and looked fabulous on her, but I know one sign and that is only useful in traffic.  (Actually, I was told Meg can use another sign in traffic: look at the guy who's giving you a hard time, smile and hold your thumb and index finger up with about an inch of air between them.)  Anyway, I hope my smile and thumbs up gave her the right idea.

I LOVE that dress!
I also complimented one woman ~ she had a very feminine, very pretty dress and accessories I would love to own.  I told her that I was sad because I knew anything else she brought in was probably beautiful too AND nowhere near my size.  But I was free with my compliments ~ I try to make sure the fashionistas know their effort is enjoyed.

There was one other t-girl there and we chatted a bit.  She remembered me; I didn't remember her name, but I did remember that I should remember her (huh?).  We all chatted a bit and discussed upcoming t-activities that we might attend and meet again.

And did I mention Dianna?  She's the swap co-host and comes with her wife.  So yes, if you're looking for a t-friendly event in the DC area, the swap definitely works.  In fact, a couple of years ago someone in the group complained about "us" being part of the swap and Kim just dropped her.

Near the end of the swap I made a faux pas.  I wasn't thinking and decided to use the ladies' room.  I'm feeling more comfortable with that and I figured these women saw me there and were OK and it should be no problem.

In past swaps, Dianna brought in a couple of screens and they were set up in one corner of the room.  I studiously avoided that corner and never try on clothes at the swap.  This time Dianna forgot the screens.  Now ladies....  You're in a local government centre.  There are piles of clothing sitting out.  There is no changing room/changing area.  So where do you go?

I walked into the ladies room and saw a woman who had clearly just pulled on a pair of pants.  I saw several other women standing in the restroom and I kept my eyes at eye level and made a beeline for a stall.  I did my business and kept my eyes on my own as I washed my hands and left as quickly as I could.  No "HEYs" or "Get Outs".  No comments.  I did notice a smile or two ~ I think they were amused at my discomfiture.  That's OK.  I love to entertain.


  1. No faux pas that I can see.

  2. Meg

    Great post and great outreach to the civilian population. It seems that over 100 civilian women had another positive encounter with a well blended CD. You do good work paving the trail for the rest of us.

    I have been out with my wife when I have been stationed outside a men's room while she has gone in to do her business because the ladies room was too crowded or had too long a line. Under the circumstances of the swap with hardly any other men in attendance Pat may have opted for the men's room.


    PS: Thanks for the note about the posting time error. I was starting to worry about you when I did not see your daily post.


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