Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another Don't Ask, Can't Tell

Before I start, a little quick poll: the lip gloss I use most, Clinique superbalm moisturizing gloss in Apricot, is about empty.  I generally put on my gloss in the men's room at work.  It comes in one of those squeeze tubes.  I will probably finish it in by early next week.  I can be careful (and proper) and toss it in the trash, or I can be daring (and sloppy) and leave it on the sink counter.  I'm tempted to see what (if anything) people will say to an empty tube of gloss in the men's room.

This Don't Ask involves a little potential parking faux pas.

As I mentioned, I went to DC to check out the museums and see Batman in IMAX on opening day.  I was wondering how to go.  I do not like to drive in DC so I figured I'd take the metro.  But right now I'm in Arlington which is pretty close to DC and to get to a station with parking I'd have to head away from the city.  That's annoying.  It'll take longer to go in and I get to pay more for the privilege.

I know a workaround though.  I can park at my office; I have a little magic card so I can do that.  From there I can get a free shuttle to the Pentagon and from there I can take the train into DC.  Not too bad, and it's unlikely that anyone I knew would recognise me.  It's not impossible, but it is unlikely.

Then I figured out that there was one little problem: to get on the shuttle I have to show my Department of Defense ID.  The Pentagon police patrol my office grounds.  They might not be as understanding as TSA was, when I flew.

I actually think this is a pretty amusing story, but I can't share it with my coworkers, now, can I?  "Guess what I almost did?  I almost came to the office in drag so I could take the shuttle but then I would have had to show my ID, wouldn't I?  That would have been embarrassing."

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  1. At the military base that I worked at, we had a sergeant who worked in EOD who, brought his dog to work. It was a pet, not a working dog. He was stopped at the entrance gate because “you don’t have id for the dog”.
    He turned around and walked to id section. Officer Hodge, set the dog in the chair and created an id for the dog! No more problems (we didn’t have the “heavy” security that’s used now). The best part about this was he didn’t name the animal, so his id stated it’s name was …Dog!
    If you brought you son to work (or could) using visitor pass, I don’t see a problem… maybe you should check out this policy just to see……(get meg a visitor pass!) then, you can “escort” yourself around!!


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