Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Staycation: Wednesday

Returning home day is always iffy.  Morning is good ~ I slept in a favourite nightie, wore girl slippers around the house, and just enjoyed being Meg before becoming Me.  I lose a lot when I lose that "g."

I never know when the family is coming home, so generally I'm packed up too soon.  Before work, I put away most of my clothes and organised them better than they were on Sunday when I was aghast to see what my closet had become.  I had to work a bit late because I had a meeting and I had to make up for my early Tuesday.  I also had my final individual therapy session that day, which I wrote about separately.

So the evening wasn't much of a Meg evening, except for catching up on some mail to girlfriends and getting ahead with blog posts, and editing some pictures I'd have to hide if the family was here.  And everyone here knew exactly what type of pictures I meant!

So when my wife called to say she was an hour or so away I had my male facade in place, my female accoutrements hidden away, and the house was looking relatively clean.

Next time!