Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's About Time

(to anon, yesterday's commenter: the shorts were short but not short short.  My wife thinks shorts for guys should be knee length or so.  I disagree, and mine were about a full index finger above the centre of my kneecap.)

Update: paragraph 2 was rewritten.  I need a memory upgrade.

I'm afraid to check my mail to see when Diane Michelle and I first tried to get together.  Each time I visit Long Island, always with family, I try to get together with Diane.  It's going to be in drab for both of us because, well, my family's with me and Diane prefers to sport a goatee.  It goes away when Diane appears, of course ~ and the result is amazing.

To be fair to both Diane and Karen (of FemmeFever), Karen did her Diane did her own makeup and Karen helped choose her hair from an extensive collection ~ and I think it is perfect for her.

I am poorer for not meeting Diane sooner.  We sat in a fast food joint and talked and talked until I so overstayed my welcome that I had to return to the hotel. 

Even though we were in our guys disguise, we spoke freely of dressing and going out and our histories and experiences and so on.  Diane is fun and interesting and if she wasn't moving to San Jose we might have some fun hanging out, dressed however.

And now I have to firm up some travel plans.  I want to dress, drive up to Philly to hopefully meet Dani, then up to NY to greet Diane properly and hopefully meet Gwen.  Then maybe I can get up to CT and meet my hero(ine), Stana.  In between, I can change and meet with a couple of LI guy friends.  And I'll talk more about them in the next day or two.

Thank you for coming out (so to speak) Diane!  And I'm sorry it was for such a brief time.


  1. Since your house-sitting "gig" (and allowing Meg free time) your writing muse has returned. It appears you have realized that the "miss meg" isn't going to hide. The simple balance of your time to each side of CD is going to be required. I'm soooo..... happy that you're feeling on top of the world .. out to enjoy what life is. GO for it.. there no time better than NOW! (and yes I speak for myself as well!)

  2. Meg
    I did the make -up - Karen got me the wig. Karen could do a better make -up job then me . She did say I always do a good job. if you are ever on LI visit her. Great to met you in person !

  3. Slicki ~ stay 'tooned. You ain't seen nothing yet.

  4. hi Meg you can tell your wife i (when in guy mode ) hear my shorts about 7-8" above the knee or rather a 2" inseam. like a tennis short.
    but then again i am only 5"6-1/2" tall.

    and no one bats an eye!
    it makes me happy in that it reminds me of wearing a above the knee skirt. which helps me get through the days when i am not able to dress in fem. that and a small set of pink safire earrings and pail pink nail polish! (hard to maintain in the summer with the yard work) of course it helps to live in the tri state area LOL
    did i mention that i have a transgendered cousin in southern Va. ?

  5. While I shorts should not be so short as to be embarrassing, I also think that much longer than mid thigh and you might as well wear full length trousers. Even army issue shorts are well above the knee


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