Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Open the Door, RIchard ~ Prelude

And nobody is gonna get that one.

The door, of course, is to the closet.  My closet.  Stepping outside our comfort zone usually involves not only doing something we've never done before, but opening that closet door just a bit more.

Saturday, after the burial, we had lunch at an Italian restaurant.  My wife's brothers came, some of her relatives came, some of my wife's friend's came, and a couple of my friends were there as well.

My friend J was sitting to my left, my friend P to my right and my wife's friend L was across from us.  Actually, her name is J but I don't want to confuse things.  Both P and L came to the rally in 2010 and spent the day with Meg.  Before he even sat down, P made a comment about me wearing a dress the last time he saw me.  L sat down a minute later and made a similar comment.  Well, she should know better so I said "it wasn't a dress, it was a suit" and she said "yes, a very tasteful blue suit" and then turned to J and said "the last time I saw him he was at the Jon Stewart rally wearing a woman's suit and... [turning to me] who were you again?"  I said "Christine O'Donnell, the scariest politician I could think of."  Both laughed and she reminded J about her "I am not a witch" comment and we talked about it briefly and that was that.  J, by the way, is quite the Libertarian and probably would have supported her.  I'm not sure.  He's also pretty lucid.

I had not seen P or J for quite a while and arranged to meet with J in the morning and P after dinner.

I had decided in the past that L deserved to know about Meg.  She's pretty liberal, pretty open-minded and the only reason I didn't tell her sooner is because my wife objects.  A lot of our recent therapy and discussions revolve around each of us being ourselves, being authentic.  I could tell her, now.

When everyone was leaving, J, P, and L were among the people who hung behind.  While I was distracted making plans with J, L got into her car.  I didn't think chasing after her to tell her I crossdress made sense so I didn't.  Opportunity lost, but I consider Thalia was watching and decided it was not the time.  I don't know her reasons, but I trust her judgement.  I may call her and tell her.  I may not.

By the way, I had on a man's shirt and tie and everything else was femme.  The only reason I brought a man's shirt was, it seems the collar is different on the women's shirts I own and ties do not sit propoerly.  They look the same, but they don't sit right.


  1. "Open the Door Richard" Louis Jordan somewhere around 1945/6 I've only gt it on compilation disk.

    You're right about the colllars it nly shows with tie.

  2. It is amazing how time flies. It was almost two years ago that you met your friends at the Stewart rally. It is quite significant that they remember that you were dressed. I suspect that the rest of their recollection is that you were pretty much the same person that they know as your male self ~ other than you may have been walking a bit slower in heels than if you had on sneakers.

    For us just getting out while dressed is a big deal ~ stretching the envelope. Coming out to others that we like to dress is an even bigger deal to us but I am not so sure it is that big a deal to them. You are a friend and acquaintance of theirs regardless of how you are dressed.

    Keep up the good work. Even the event of these friends being with you recalling your day in that lovely blue suit is a good thing. They recall that it is OK for a guy to be dressed and in a wig, makeup and heels. That is a good thing for you and the rest of us.



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