Friday, August 31, 2012

This Had Possibilities

(the poll refers back to yesterday's post.  I'll take it down at the end of today.  Looks like I should do the right thing, not the fun thing. :) )
I have written about freecycle before.  As you may recall, you can join your local group and if you want to get rid of something you post an OFFER: and hopefully someone else thinks your trash is treasure and requests it.  Less often, someone posts a WANTED: to get something they need but don't have and hopefully someone has one getting dusty in the basement and gives it to the requestor.  All transfers are free.
I saw this WANTED in my inbox a few days ago:
WANTED: 5-6 yr old boy or girl clothing

Interesting, I thought.  A while back, someone wanted a princess Halloween costume for her son, and I wondered if this was something similar.  More likely, the mom just wasn't fussy about whether her daughter wore boy or girl clothing.  Or the daughter wasn't fussy.

Normally, I ignore OFFERs or WANTEDs for kid stuff.  I have no need, and none to give.  But I had to take a look:

Just wanted to know if anyone had any 5-6 yr old boy or girl clothing.  I have twins.

I admit it.... I didn't see THAT coming!

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  1. I love it "I have twins", I almost choked on my coffee! Too funny!


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