Monday, August 13, 2012

Fun at the Fair

Once again, we did the lemonade stand 4H fundraiser.  I was wearing women's jeans shorts (which my wife deemed "too short"), a t-shirt and no visible hair but brows and lashes (I wore a cap :) ).  I went to all of the vendors at the fair.  I told several jewelers some variation on "I like this set, but I feel like I'm wasting money ~ you never have sets with clip-on earrings."  This was met with different responses, generally that I don't have to buy the set (but sets are nice) or a comment on how it's easier to make pierced earrings and almost everyone has pierced ears so that's what they do.

At one booth, I saw some nice jewelry and a woman of about 35 sitting on the ground.  At this point, it was close to 100 degrees outside.  I said "good idea.  It's cooler down there, where you're further from the sun."  She said "I forgot my chair again.  And I'm still young enough that I can get up easily."  I said "if you're going to insult your customers, I'm leaving" and I turned away and stalked off.  I could hear her laughing behind me, so I came back a couple of minutes later and we talked a bit.  She liked my charm bracelet; I told her I'm looking to replace the rose and she pulled out a catalogue of charms for me to look at.  She didn't have them at her booth however.  I made my "you never have clip-ons" comment and she showed me her one pair of clips ~ not very attractive earrings though.  I told her they weren't my style and pointed to a dangly pair that I said was my style.

  She said "have you considered piercing your ears?"  I gave her my best pained look and said "yes, and I decided I'd have less money if I did."  She caught on immediately and said "...because you'd spend it on earrings?" and I nodded.  I said "It's the same thing with shoes ~ I wear 11W and if they were smaller, I'd probably own many more pair."  She said "let me see your feet" so I moved around and she laughed and said "those are pretty big."  I said "there's not much variety in that size" and I wandered off to see what else was at the fair.

Later, I thought I'd have a bit of fun.  I scrolled through my website on my phone until I found a decent Meg picture and set it full screen.  I walked back to her booth.  She was now accompanied by her 2 year old daughter who her husband had dropped off.  I said "I probably just confused you last time I was here so I wanted to show you a picture of me wearing clip-ons."

She responded with a "no way" but then asked me where I go when I'm "like that."  I said "anywhere I feel like going."  She told me how, when she moved here from Utah, a friend told her she was going to take her to a "drag race," which the vendor thought would be a lot of fun ~ except it was the annual high heel race in Dupont Circle.  But she said it was still a lot of fun.

She was a lot of fun, and she told me if I go to the website to not order anything, but to send her an e-mail with what I want and she'd put in the order at 10% off.

I brought her, her daughter, and her husband lemonades from the kiosk "as payment for laughing at my jokes."


  1. Pretty brave. I'm too chicken, I guess, to come out to a total stranger (and most other people, except other girls) By the way, how short were the shorts?

  2. hmmmm size 11? ( i am 10 hence not much smaller try checking with the store called Avenue they go to i believe 13 and have some cute styles.
    i am with you i keep a favorite classy dressed photo of me as diana to show anyone i "come out to"


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