Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Halloween 2009 - Part II

In preparation for Halloween, I went to a few nearby salons, trying to line up someone to do my makeup. 

You all know how I plan and replan and overplan.  I had done my own makeup a few times by then, and I was comfortable with the results, but I wanted to have someone else do my makeup.  I had three reasons:
* mistakes were less likely
* it would take less time
* I had cover.  I wasn't ready to admit to the office that I dressed at that time.  If people commented on my makeup I could honestly say "I had a pro do it."

So, as I said, I went to a few nearby salons, trying to line up someone to do my makeup.  There weren't many.  Most opened too late to be useful.  One sounded hopeful but after speaking to her once, the makeup lady stopped being available.  I understand.  We can be a little much for some people.  I don't push myself at anyone.

By the way, there was no scheduled Halloween events at the office.  Other than a silly hat or two, I'd be the only "costume."

I figured there were still two options.

Before the big day, I packed my clothes, shoes, wig, jewelry, and makeup into a small overnight bag and headed to the office.

There are two malls near my office.  I planned to change at the closer, more upscale one.  I didn't expect them to open as early as I wanted to get to the office so I just brought my bag in the car and went to work.

A little while later, N came in.  She said "I thought you were going to dress as a woman!"  I corrected her ~ I said I'd wear women's clothing and I was wearing women's jeans, socks, a polo, sneakers.  I told her she'd have to take my word for it on panties.  (I use that line a lot and everyone agrees to take my word. :) )  She agreed to do that as well, but she also (rightfully) accused me of chickening out.  I told her I'd go change at 10 and be back at 11.  She was good with this.  I also wanted to make sure that she'd be in the office then ~ I wanted cover in case I came in and she decided to take the day off, or be on travel.  N was not the best at letting the team know her plans.

Just before 10, I went to the mall.  I took my bag with me and considered my two options.

One was to have someone at the mall do my makeover.  I walked through Macy's, and there was also a Nieman and another upper-scale store.  I planned to check them all out, but I wasn't crazy about the department store option.  Then I walked past the MAC store.  There were a couple of women working there and one customer.  I walked up to one of the women and she asked if she could help me.  I explained that I'm going to be dressed in drag and would like to know if someone in the store could do my makeup.  Once I convinced her I was serious, she wanted to know when.  I pointed to my bag and said I could change in about ten or fifteen minutes and come back.  She said that would be OK.  I said I may put on foundation and lipstick just so I don't stand out too much.  She said that was fine too, or she could do it all.  I asked her to please wait for me ~ I am serious and I will be returning very soon.  She promised she'd be available.

I went down the mall to the family restroom.  I had shaved as close as I could before leaving the house, and I made sure my arms, legs, and chest were clean as well.  I quickly removed my "male" clothes and put on my bra, pads, hose, camisole, half-slip, and heels.  I put on my wig and then realised I did not bring my favourite, but it wasn't a showstopper.  It was good enough.  I made a mental note to label the bags with my wigs ~ 1, 2, 3, and 4 ~ for my favourite down to the one I'd wear if 1, 2, and 3 were unavailable.  This was number 3.

I put on sunglasses and looked critically in the mirror.

Woman from the neck down, with a man's face.  I removed the dress and put on my liquid foundation.  I put on a coat of lipstick and my (women's, of course) sunglasses.  It wasn't great, but it was better and good enough for the walk down the mall to MAC in a somewhat quiet mall.

I put on my jewelry, packed away my other clothes and shoes, and walked back to MAC, enjoying the sound of my heels on the tile floor.  I avoided being looked at ~ when someone would look my way, or if I was even passing or about to pass someone, I did some "window shopping" and kept my gaze directed at the stores.

Meg at MAC
Back at MAC, I found the makeup lady had kept her promise.

One difference between MAC and the department store counters: the department store makeovers are free.  MAC cost $50 but you can put that towards a purchase.  I was OK with that, and I bought a couple of the products she used on me: powder and lipstick, and I picked up a foundation that matched the powder.  I can't remember; I may have picked up a blush as well.

My quick change wasn't as quick as I expected, and she took her time on the makeover but I didn't leave too much after 11, feeling fine and femme.

One difference between mall makeovers and do-it-yourself: the store employees want to do a female makeover on a female face.  My face needs a bit heavier hand than they use.  I think I didn't look as femme as I would have liked to, but I think I was OK.  I also think my number 1 or 2 wig would have made a difference.

Good enough.  I thanked and (over)tipped the makeup lady and asked for her card.  I also asked her to take a picture or two before I left, which she did.

Most days, I walk to the mall from the office if I want to get lunch there, or maybe shop.  Today I drove, just because the ten minute walk is a two minute drive and I wanted to be out of the office as little as possible.

It was time to face the office.


  1. Hey-- I LIKE that wig on you...the lighter shade seems youthful and it frames your face very well!

  2. Meg -

    If you were going to the MAC store again to have them makeover your face, what would you ask of them that you didn't ask then? Also, if someone (another TGCD) wanted a makeover for the first time, what would you do beforehand? And what would you ask the person doing the makeover to do?


  3. Love all your preps... and pics of the results, how nice they worked!

  4. "Some' MAC staff have been trained in doing makeup for men... It's a corporate policy... ask around.


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