Friday, June 22, 2012

No Clue

I have absolutely no idea what the heck I'm doing.

Starting some time this weekend I will be housesitting for my manager.  I will also be getting a six week break so I can think and hopefully decide how I can get a derailed life back on track.

My wife doesn't think so.

I spent the time while she was at the beach trying to decide what to bring, Megwise, to the house.  On top of everything else, I do plan to be as Meggish as possible when in the house.

The first thing I noticed is, Meg has an awful lot of stuff.  I'm bring a lot, but not an awful lot.  I want to cull what I have.  I want to seriously assess every top, skirt, dress, and pair of shoes to see what works and what doesn't; what fits and what doesn't; what I feel comfortable wearing outside and what I don't.  I expect to bring back a lot less clothing than I'm bringing.  Goodwill, or the clothing swap will benefit.

I'm a bit concerned about my privacy as well.

This is a neighborhood where the neighbors all seem to know each other and what's going on.  They keep an eye on each other.  My manager said "if you hear the garage door open, don't worry.  It's probably my neighbor.  I keep his lawnmower in my garage and he comes in to borrow it back."  He also mentioned that his other daughter, who lives in Richmond, may come back for some reason or another.  He also said that neighborhood kids cut through his yard as a shortcut, and he's OK with that.

I am not ready to come out at work, so this may all be a problem.  Nonetheless, I'm bringing a lot of clothes and I'll be careful bordering on paranoia, and my trips out will be limited.  I don't expect to be doing yardwork or sitting on the rear deck in a top and skirt.

Oh... I also have a customer who lives two houses away.  I haven't been to her house in about three years, but still....

Maybe all of this is meant to encourage me to spend more time on my relationships and less time on playing dressup.  So to speak.

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  1. Culling the wardrobe is a task that I have intended to do for sime time but it always seems to be way down on the priorities list. It also seems that everytime I look at or pick up or put on some of my girl clothes I think of a reason to keep it.

    I do wish you luck on the 'house sitting'. There is a unique "Catch-22" at play with us undercover CDs. It seems that dressing is an activity that eases stress, calms the nerves and helps us feel at peace. Meanwhile, the fear of being caught or outed creates great stress, puts our nerves on edge and keeps us too alert to being exposed to the world to allow us to bask in peace.

    You will have some free time and some time to find some inner peace. Treasure it.



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