Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lots Going On Here

As I mentioned yesterday, two things are happening:
* my wife and son are at the beach until Thursday, and
* I'll be housesitting for six weeks starting this weekend.

There's also a third thing: I decided I needed to talk to someone on my own so for the first time ever I took advantage of our company EAP and contacted a therapist.  (EAP is "employee assistance program" and they supply limited visits with therapists or lawyers, depending on what sort of problems you have).  Our first meeting was Monday; my regular "couples" session was just me, on Tuesday.  Yes, I feel like I should be in a lot worse shape to have two therapists in back-to-back sessions.

I'll focus on my current "free days" and a bit of t-packing today. I'll cover both therapy sessions tomorrow, and talk more about the housesitting and prep on Friday.

The beach
As I also mentioned, this is usually a Meg event.  My wife takes our son(s) to the beach a couple of times each summer.  This is her vacation; she takes a friend and her son(s) and the boys entertain each other while the moms have some girl time.

I usually take one or two days off and Meg goes out.  It's usually a shopping day.  Lately, I've been less interested in shopping and more interested in doing something or meeting someone.... Someone from the community, I mean.  I'm not stepping out on my wife as Meg.

But I'm still in I-can't-wear-most-shoes mode.  I'm wearing sandals to work.  With socks, to make them a tad less noticeable (note: girl socks are thinner than boy socks.  It's kind of noticeable in sandals).  For the record, my sandals are girl sandals.

And I have nowhere special to go.  And I don't have vacation time built up.  And I need to suck my manager's brain dry before he heads to Colorado.

So my evenings are spent getting ready.

I've ripped my closet apart.  My initial thought was, bring everything Meg, but now I'm not so sure.  There's a lot of stuff, and I do have other things to do while away, in addition to playing with clothes!  First and foremost, figure out how to bring myself back to life so when I get home I'll be a better and happier spouse and father and human.

So I'm thinking, I probably have almost 50 EACH of dresses, tops, skirts.  I'll be gone for 42 days.

Should I limit myself to "likely outfits?"  Should I bring some things I know won't work or won't fit, with plans to get rid of them (a clothing swap is coming up)?  Should I bring all in the expectation that I'll shave everything well enough/close enough to wear even sleeveless outfits?

I have to choose among panties, socks, hose, shoes, tops, skirts, dresses, camis, bras....  I think for makeup and jewelry I'll bring all and have a "sorting night" when I decide what to keep/what to toss.  My jewelry is mostly junk; I don't spend a lot of money on myself.  Some of my makeup is rather old.

Here's what I'm thinking, and I'd love your input on each:
* panties: bring all.  I generally change at night, after my shower.  I can put on a "questionable" pair and if I don't like them in the morning, change and toss
* socks: bring all.  I can toss what doesn't feel right or is torn either before or after work
hose: bring nude/taupe.  No black hose or tights for the summer.  I may bring a pair of suspenders and stockings
* shoes: bring all.  Try a pair a day, for at least an hour of standing a day, and get rid (swap) of the ones that are too uncomfortable
* bras: I'm really of three minds: (a) bring 3-4 I really like only, (b) add 3-4 that are iffy, (c) bring all?
* camis: bring all.  I need to sort by "good for girl" and "good for boy" and "good for either."  Higher neck = * girl, lower neck = boy
* tops, skirts, dresses: I'm really not sure.

HELP ME!  I want to pack everything into boxes later today.

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  1. You have some great ideas! Looks like between now and August your going to allow Meg some showtime! Maybe like "enTRANSed" you'll show pictures! I've got to do the same thing you'll be doing, trying on different stuff as I've got three locations (in this house) of storage items. I then there's the "needs repair items" that I just can throw out! I like the idea of trying on for a few hours alone at home, so much better than being out and knowing you've got "make it work" because you're out without a change. This will be a great "fun" time!


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