Monday, June 25, 2012

I Think This Is The Right Thing

After a false start Saturday (the owner's daughter decided to stay overnight), I left for my manager's (J) house Sunday around 4.  This worked out well, since my son was in from New York and I got to spend a little extra time with him.

It is now Sunday evening around 9pm and I am still in my civvies.  I had twenty-two boxes and bags in my car, and I forgot one important box anyway.

My goal for the rest of the evening is to hope the house cools off (it was 80 when I came in, and the thermostat was set to 79) before bedtime.  Shower, unpack, do a little "me" exploring ~ that's why I'm here, after all ~ and bed.

I trust Thalia, my muse.  As I've said before, I believe she watches over me.  I also have no idea why.  Maybe I'm still going to do something great.  Maybe I had a really bad life last time and she's making up by letting me see my kids grow up and outdo their dad.

Thalia teases.  For instance, there is a long light leading into my neighborhood, from the highway.  I miss it by a couple of seconds every time.  It can't be timing ~ it has to be her.  Now that I go a different way, to a different office, there's another key light that I miss by a second or two every time.  Now that I'm going to work from a different direction we'll see what she has planned for me.

But I believe she looks out for me and keeps me from serious harm.  This is in addition to her normal writing duties.  An example: I rear-ended a car in my old Corolla a few years ago.  The car in front pulled out and the car that was now in front of me was at a dead stop.  I could not pull on to the shoulder nor the adjacent lane.  I tried the brakes three times before I hit the car in front.  Not hard, but you know how cars crumble when the front hits something.  Mine was a mess.  Her tailpipe was dislodged; I grabbed a USB cable and re-connected it for her.  It turns out, when a mechanic replaced the brakes he didn't set them properly and they were an accident waiting to happen.  Until it did.  I might've been at an intersection where an 18 wheeler ran a light and my brakes failed.  Or worse: I awarded the car to my son when he started driving.  He might have been driving with failed brakes.  Either of these events could have caused me incredible pain.  So Thalia gave me a minor accident before something awful happened.

I do believe this.

This weekend, Thalia ensured the house was covered so I could spend time with my son.  She made my drive to my housesitting gig flawless ~ including a turn I hate because no-one seems to know what to do there.  On the way, I picked up brand new garters and four pairs of stockings as well as several scarves (all hail freecycle).  I got groceries after I settled in here.  I accidentally parked right by the elevator to the supermarket. One of Thalia's tricks is to ensure something critical happens to whatever line I get on.  I found a short self-service line and breezed through.  I needed a coaxial cable to hook up some equipment here.  I looked in various places without luck.  As I walked past the laundry room some sort of equipment came on.  I walked in to see what it was and in front of me was a box of cables... including a coaxial cable.  I shredded a fingernail and meant to get a clipper at the supermarket.  I had forgotten my box with toothbrush and clipper and tweezers and so on.  I remembered everything but the clippers.  I picked a room to make my own and it has an adjacent bath.  I looked in the cabinet: empty, except for a clipper and tweezers.

And finally, I mentioned that I hadn't changed.  Just as I sat down here, the doorbell rang.  I answer it.  It was a neighbor.  And I was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt.

I think Thalia is telling me I'm doing the right thing.

Funny thing about signs... you never really know what they mean, do you?


  1. In their song 'Deja Vu', CSN sang "We have all been here before".
    The concept of 'past lives' is fairly widely held. It cannot be proven or disproven ~ like the influence of a muse or the watchfullness of a guardian angel.
    Often times things happen for a reason.
    Good luck on this leg of your journey.

  2. Your written "muse" appears to be excited. Looking for a "new" YOU. I feel your very happy ready to go forward with future challenges. Hope, you enjoy your "times" ahead and discover answer to you questions!


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