Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Not Quite 27 Dresses ~ 22 Packages

As I mentioned I unpacked 22 boxes and bags.  Yes, that seems like a lot for six weeks, but I expect to bring even more.

Here's a partial list of what came with me on Sunday:

* nighties
* bras
* videotapes.  I have a lot and I'd like to see what I want to transfer to a more durable medium or buy anew.
* camisoles, socks, panties
* dresses (2 bags, 14 total)
* epilator and razors
* hose
* socks
* makeup (huge bag)
* tops (all items from freecycle or swaps)
* boy clothes.  Four pairs of slacks, five shirts.  I do plan to bring more.

* boobs
* wigs
* "drag bag" (2 boxes)
* assorted panties, jewelry, purses, etc
* shoes
* stuff to read/do

And my computer and other items that go with it.

I had labelled boxes before I went.  I put a code on each and carried a sheet with what's inside.  I realised I had a lot of stuff so I peeked inside box B2 and saw skirts.  I thought it was my box of skirts and I decided I could get that in a few days.  Then, after I arrived, I looked at my sheet.  B2 has skirts, some jewelry and  all of my bathroom stuff.  Ah well.  I have learned that I'm very good at keeping organised, not so good at reviewing what I've done.  In some ways I expect it.  In fact, I except to do a lot of stream-of-consciousness writing while I'm here.  I do not expect to ever read any of it.

So, you may be wondering why I brought so much Meg stuff.  I expect to come home with a lot less.  I want to try on outerwear and shoes and bring home what fits/is appropriate/I think I'll wear out of the house and swap the rest.  I plan to have two bags for underwear and socks: to launder, to toss.

It's a tall order, and it's far from my primary mission.  Wish me luck.


  1. I hope that your time-out is successful and that you find the peace of mind that you seek. You have been going through hard times recently, so I hope that you have friends to give you some encouragement and positive vibes. I frequently check your blog, and you rarely disappoint...thanks for sharing.

  2. When you get ready to move back .... call me I've got this 20 feet trailer.......:-)
    Hugs! (love being a gurl!) karen


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