Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Two Score and Eighteen Years Ago

I was born.  It was early in the morning, and the first time I woke my parents up but not the last.

When: 5 June 1954, 8:57 AM, although it might be 8:51 ~ it's hard to read.
Where: Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan.  We lived in Brooklyn, but I wanted to be near my mother.
Why: people ask me this more than the above two questions.  I still lack an answer.

Nine years ago, I started a new job and was required to take a drug test.  It was scheduled for my birthday.  I mentioned to the lady who collected my sample that it was a special day.  She said "congratulations.  What are your plans for today?"  I said, "are we done?"  She said we were and I said "take drugs."

They do not have a sense of humour.

When I was born, they issued a birth certificate which is a negative copy of the actual one.  A number of years ago, when I was bored, I took a couple of stray letters from another section and altered it slightly so I now have a copy with sex listed as FEMALE instead of MALE.  Yes, the whole thing was hand-printed and in upper case. 

Who knows.  It may come in handy some day.



    Never let the sense of humor waver. It helps in all sorts of ways. Can you imagine going through life without a sense of humor?


  2. Congratulations! Here's hoping you have a happy one! Being a work day :) I hope you still get to do a least one "special " thing, like eating at that favorite restautant!

  3. Happy Birthday, hope you spend this one with people yuo love, and who have a sense of humour.

  4. A Happy Birthday to you and many more to come! May all your good dreams and fine wishes come true!

  5. Have a very Happy Birthday Meg!

  6. I like your sense of humor. I always wanted to go throuigh screning at the airport and then say, "Ha, didn't find the gun this time, did you." Using the birth certificate: But I am a girl, it say's so right here. Just because I'm a girl it means I can't wear boy's clothes sometimes?
    If we don't laugh, we'll cry.


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