Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Settling In

I was hoping I'd start today's post with stories of how Meg is enjoying her freedom, experimenting with looks, trying on outfits, maybe making an important "girl" discovery or two.

Instead, here it is day two of about forty-two and, other than my nightgown and underdressing, I haven't done any Meg at all.

Sunday night, I did sleep through the night ~ something I haven't done in quite a long while.

Monday morning, I considered trying on a couple of tops, but I really need the proper foundation for that and I did want to get to work.  It took me some time to figure out where things are in the kitchen.  That, hopefully, will improve.  If not, sticky notes on cabinets and drawers will help.

Monday evening, I spent back at home.  My wife is working and I needed to pick up my son, make us dinner, and spend a little time together before heading back to my overnight gig.  The good part: I got to bring a couple of more boxes.  The bad part: I didn't do any of the ambitious things I have on my schedule.  Including Meg time.  Including reflect time.  The best part: my son and I played some chess and went for a walk.  The deer are out.

It seems this is a friendly sort of neighborhood, with a neighbor randomly ringing the doorbell Sunday evening and at least one neighbor having the garage combination.  That means people can randomly enter the house.

If they do, and poke around, I Am Out.  And by "out" I don't mean out of the house.  I mean out of the closet.  Meg is everywhere.

I decided in advance I didn't want to have to lock Meg away all the time and I don't plan to do that here.  Instead, I decided to not worry about it.  If it happens, it happens.  Care/don't care.

On the other hand, I will not force the issue: if I'm relaxing in a top and skirt I will NOT be answering the door!  Unless I peek out and see two young well-dressed men.  "Hi!  And what does your religion forbid?"

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