Sunday, June 3, 2012

We Have A Winner

In lieu of my Sunday non-T comic, a little real-life comic....

I went to a client in the next neighborhood a few nights ago.  I got two frantic calls ~ their daughter (around 14) got a virus.  "Our daughter was downloading things and her computer got a virus.  What should we do?" the mom asked.  "Get rid of it.  The virus, not the daughter," I said.

So I went over.  The dad said she was trying to download clip art and this misspelled Microsoft Security Essentials message popped up.  I told them that that's a clue that it's not MSE and asked what they use for protection.  Fortunately, he knew I meant virus protection, although he didn't know what they used.  The daughter was in the background, looking terrified.  I said "she gets the bill" which didn't help.

I asked him to show me the victim.  On the full screen is a browser window.  The main frame is white except for the MSE message in the middle.  I was suspicious and I grabbed the title bar and tried to move the message ~ message no move.  I hit the back button on the browser and the "virus" magically vanished.

No charge.  He said "let me pay you for schlepping out here this time of night."  I said the look on his daughter's face was worth the trip.

Stupidest Client Ever! 


While I'm totally off-topic, I'd like to share an idea I had for what could become the best-selling drug ever: a drug that causes the body to eject bad cholesterol via semen.


  1. Only problem with your drug idea, is that you would only get around 50% of the population, the other 50% would probably prefer to get their bad cholesterol from ice cream

  2. Sure they would appreciate being called stupidest client ever. Very disrespectful.

  3. Somehow, I neglected to mention that to them, as well as charge them. Darn and double darn.

  4. Referring to his profession in the law, Abe Lincoln quipped that "A lawyer's time and advice are his stock and trade". The same should apply to you.


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